Books are finally at the printer

I am glad to say that my books are finished and at the printer with my final approval which is a bit scary since I was striving for perfection which is not affordable nor attainable.

I will have an official book release of “Two Decades of Nonsense. Vol. I & II” at Rhubarb Market on Satur­day, Dec. 15, from 10:30-2:00. If you would like an autographed copy—stop by Rhubarb Market, grab your favorite coffee and baked items—then come see me. I may be by the front door or in the corner. I will be glad to be in the building—out of the rain.

It will feel like home to me, as I worked in that building, 104 S. Main, in the early sixties. Tim and Alissa Unruh and their boys have done a marvelous job revamping the space. If you haven’t seen it, just come for the good stuff.

The books both have indexes which I believe will help you find what you might be looking for in them. Volume I has 512 pages and Volume II has 542 pages. As far as I can tell, there are about 1,040 Partly Nonsense columns contained in the two books.

Since we pulled them all from the Free Press web site the dates may not always jive with the publication dates as the date will be when they were posted to the web site which may be a day off. Or even way off if the column was missed when it was supposed to be posted and posted later.

I’m charging $35.00 for the two book set plus Hillsboro’s 8.5% sales tax of $2.98 for a $37.98 total.

I am printing about 350 copies which should yield the scholarship amount of $10,500 which I have already funded.

The giving Tuesday event put on by the Hillsboro Community Foundation netted my scholarship fund an additional $888.40. Life is good—all I need to do is sell books.

My new glasses finally came last week, so now I can even see quite a bit better. They are the gradient lens kind so I only need to wear one pair now and don’t have to switch back and forth like I had done for so many months.

While in Minneapolis last week, brother Mark and I went to see the Mt. Lake High School Wol­verines play for the state of Minnesota 9-man football championship. It was in Sun Bank Vikings Stadium (old Metro Dome location).

Par for the course, I forgot to take my Swiss Army knife out of my pocket and had to ask Mark to hide it under a concrete block, that was one of many, holding up a large tent outside the stadium.

Even though Mt. Lake lost the game 42.-18, the knife was still there, afterwards.

While in Minnesota I got to see some cousins whom I hadn’t seen for about 30 years. Niece Gloria cooked a fine Thanksgiving dinner with pies and sides which we enjoyed several times.

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