Book is coming together

I am feverishly working on my book or it may be books of columns.

I’m hoping to have it finished by this November. However, it is taking longer than I thought it would, because I have to read everything I wrote—a lot.

All of the proceeds, not the net, will go towards a Journal­ism/Communi­cations scholarship for Marion Co. high school graduates. I am planning to set up a fund with the Hillsboro Com­mun­ity Foundation for the scholarship and the wheels are in motion on that part.

My goal is to make the purchase a tax deductible event—not that the material will be that expensive— but if there are those who would like to contrib­ute more than the book value for the scholarship, then that option is available.

At first I thought I would categorize the pieces of each column, but the more I tried, the harder it became. So I am printing all 20 years in possibly a two-volume set. Stay tuned on this project.

The Kids’ Scoop page that has been appearing in the Free Press for several years now is yielding the types of results we were after when we began featuring it as a tool for the school children mostly in Hillsboro and some in Marion and a few in Peabody and their teachers to use it to help with reading skills.

Teachers love Kid Scoop. But, you may not know that. It is a good idea for the company that provides Kids Scoop to provide a simple survey each year to get teacher feedback.

Following are some of the results from a recent survey of teachers across the land who are using the page with their students in grades 1-5 and -6.

We wish to thank our sponsors who share in our vision to help our kids with reading skills.

The goal of getting kids to read more is one of the main objects of the weekly page. The information below shows some of the key findings of the 2018 Teacher Survey that was sent to teachers in the San Francisco Bay Area. Other areas of the country surveyed get similar statistics.

And it is very interesting to me that 98% of our teachers say it is important that Kid Scoop News is print, not digital!

Here are a few key stats about Kids’ Scoop:

• 98% say it is extremely important for each student to receive his/her own copy.

• 94% say financial literacy is important.

• The number of students that have age-appropriate reading materials at home to complete their 20 minutes per day reading is only 2%.

• 95% of teachers send kids Scoop News home for students to read with family members.

• 98% say it is important to have health and safety tips.

For some reason folks got the idea that I was going to quit writing after 20 years. Not so. You are reading it here so that must not be so.

If you wish to share your comments or ideas, my e-mail address is

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