Book about Marion is ready to go

Our hearty thanks goes to our Marion resident historian, Dick Varen?horst, whose knowledge about Marion was indispensable in assisting us in publishing the ?Marion Mem?ories, Vol. 2? book.

The books are here and ready for the initial release from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Thursday in the new lobby of St. Luke Hospital. It is exciting that Les Broad?street, who wrote the foreword for the book, plans to be on hand to autograph a piece of history in photos that he personally had a hand in creating for so many years.


Our downtown Web cam is creating some excitement for folks around the world?literally.

I received an e-mail from Jane ONeill of Australia the other day saying that she loved being able to see what is going on in their newly adopted second home in Hillsboro. She was among the storm chasers who were in Hillsboro last May. We featured them in the Free Press when they were in town.


My sister Elaine called me from Minneapolis, Minn., Friday night to see where I was so I could go out in the street and wave to her.

Since I was in the hallway downstairs getting the pop ready for the Arts & Crafts Fair, I just walked outside and did a big wave. She saw it. I told her I already wave when I?m in the intersection because I want to be friendly to whomever is watching.


How many spellings and uses does the word pronounced ?to? have? This came up because the other day someone said ?too,? and I thought they meant ?two.?

I can think of five: two, to, too, tutu.


Now that it stays darker longer in the morning, I sometimes end up walking before daylight. It occurred to me I could step in a hole I didn?t see or trip and fall and break an ankle or leg or something.

The next thought is: What would I do if that played out? I do take my phone most times, but who would I call? I?d hate to bother Nancy that early and I?d hate to call 911. Then I thought I might be able to hop on one foot to the emergency room, but I tried hopping and that almost hurts.

I think I?ll just be careful and hope nothing bad happens.


I read somewhere that the original name for a butterfly was a flutterby.

Katy Magathan, who has filled in at the Free Press very adeptly while Nicole is out on maternity leave with little Eli, said her mom thought she had come up with that name for butterflies. I won?t dispute it.


It was nice of Mother Nature to come up with the power wash right after the Arts &?Crafts Fair. I heard reports of 3.5 to 5.5 inches of rain in the area, which was desperately needed.

The rain the night before the fair wasn?t bad either. From reports I heard, everyone seemed to be satisfied with the sales this time around. Not a record, but considering the times we are in, not bad.


I also heard it thundered quite loudly during the night Saturday. I didn?t hear any thunder nor did I see any lightning.

If you work hard enough and get tired beyond belief you can sleep through about anything.

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