Big trip is one for the books

Each year I plan this mega trip to several bin?deries in the state north of us to pick up yearbooks for delivery to schools in Kansas. And each year I wonder if I have what it takes physically to pull this off.
As the business has grown through the years, so has the number of boxes I need to pick up. And this time the load exceeded 3,000 pounds.
The total trip is about 520 miles and takes from rising at 4 a.m. and returning home after the last delivery at about 8 p.m.
I?m happy to report the entire project was successful and my body still works as far as I can tell.
Next year may require that I also pull a trailer to make it all happen.
A guy had three dogs that could talk. So he thinks it would be cute to take them into a bar and show off their talent.
He asks the first dog, ?What is sandpaper like?? and the dog says, ?Ruff.?
Then he asks the second dog, ?On what do we install shingles?? and the dog says, ?Roof.?
Then the third dog is asked who was the best baseball player of all time and that dog says, ?Rufe.?
By this time the bartender is getting tired of the whole shtick and orders them all out of the place.
When they get outside the dog says, ?Should I have said Ty Cobb??
Oh, to be a college student again.
Friday night there was a knock at our front door. I opened it to a host of Tabor College students who were playing a game, I presume, with other groups of students. One of them had a paper clip and asked if we could give them something bigger and better.
After much deliberation, I reached into our planter by the door, which has lots of polished rocks from Oregon in it, and handed him one; he gave me the paper clip.
A while later we hear this big noise going down the street in front of our house so we open the door to see what was causing all of the racket.
It was the same group, this time pushing a piano down the street. They yelled that they had traded our rock for the piano and wanted to know if we wanted the piano. Of course, I yelled no, and off they went.
Don?t know if they traded up to something else or if the piano was the big prize.
There was this dog that had an operation and after that could talk.
He was booked on several national television talk shows, but they finally had to stop booking him on those shows. All he would talk about was his operation.
Fall sports is just around the corner and I can?t wait to see the local teams in action again. And then there is always KU football?who knows what is coming?

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