Big move is now ?complete?

The move we completed over the weekend will be the last voluntary move I will ever make. And ?completed? is stretching that word a bit.

All in all it went smoothly; nothing is broken that we know of and no one helping got injured, as far as I know. I can?t move my right arm above my head, but it was already that way before the move.


When we were moving the cabinets that sit on either side of the bed, a bottle of nitro pills fell out. I set them on the counter and went on.

Later, I was asked if I needed those pills and I said absolutely not. They had probably been there for the past eight or nine years.


I had CenturyLink DSL Internet installed at the house, which so far seems to be quite good. After being so unhappy with them for so long at the office, I decided to hedge my bets and have both?Eaglecom at work and CenturyLink at home, so that at least one of them would be working when I absolutely need it.

Plus, I have Verizon on my phone, but can?t afford the huge amounts of data it would cost to use it regularly. But it does work well as a hot spot in a pinch.


If you are one of the folks who regularly view our Free Press downtown webcam, it will be going off line this week because of our move. It has been on 24/7 since the 2011 Arts and Crafts Fair. If we can find another place to put it, it will be back up.


I watched in amazement as our son Dan built my new shop from slab to finish (less the siding) in about a week?s time. I helped, but I?m not sure how helpful I was.


What was even more amazing was that the metal roofing was installed by him in 31?2 hours.


In the move, I was tempted to convert all of the old-fashioned flat slotted screws to torx heads. For lack of time, they stayed the same as they were.

Why anyone uses anything other than torx these days is beyond me.


I know many people shop around when buying lumber, etc., for building projects. I shopped around too, but when it came down to it, the local lumberyard and hardware store were the only choices that made sense to me.

Everyone with whom I worked on the local level was extremely accommodating. If I had bought out of town, I wouldn?t have had any of the extra services available to me here.

When we needed a fork truck to lift the trusses onto the top plate or the sheeting on the roof, The Lumber?yard was at the ready. No other supplier would have offered to do that sort of thing.

I could mention names, but for fear of forgetting someone I won?t. My new shop is totally local, except for $43, and I am pleased.

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