Big day to celebrate the small

Nov. 30 has been designated as Small Business Saturday?cleverly sand?wiched between Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

The idea that every day, and not just Nov. 30, should be small business days in our smaller communities to keep them vibrant and alive was first written by Robb Reeves, who owns the Hess?ton, Halstead and Mound?ridge newspapers.

I couldn?t agree more.


I read or heard somewhere that one?s ears never stop growing. I looked in the mirror the other day and I think it might be true.


Having a stroke is a bad thing, but the main thing to know is how to recognize when it?s happening,?not just for yourself, but others, too. Treatment in the first couple of hours is critical to the outcome.

If you suspect someone may be having a stroke, ask them to smile, ask them to say a simple sentence and ask them to raise both arms. If any of these task is a problem, then get them help right away.

A new way to check is to ask them to stick out their tongue. If it doesn?t come out straight, it could also be a sign. I?d give you the source of this information, but I can?t remember at the moment.


Now that we live in the suburbs, I got a call to go home and remove a dead cat from the driveway. I didn?t see when I stumbled out of the door and headed to work the other morning.

When I got home to clean it up, I noticed it was a rabbit and not a cat. Most likely it was what was left after somebody?s cat was finished with it.


We had the privilege of being invited to be substitute grandparents at Hills?boro Elementary School last week. The idea was to spend some time in the classroom observing what the kids are up to these days.

It was obvious to me how much the teachers care for their students by the way they interacted with them.

It also brought back memories of how hard it is to be a kid. Every day is a learning experience with new things thrown at you from all directions; sometimes you don?t know what to do with it all.

Actually, it?s kind of like it is now as an adult, only with more experience under your belt and a frame of reference for handling different situations.


With the injured rib, I haven?t wanted to go walking lately because I can feel some discomfort when I bounce around. It doesn?t seem like I have more time on my hands, though. And the hour we gained when the time change occurred is long gone.


In spite of all of the problems we all face personally and as a society, I am extremely thankful for everything I have and my good fortune.

I wish everyone a blessed holiday with family and friends.

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