Better 12 hours early than late

Sometimes it?s hard to get it right. This past Friday I had a meeting set up for 7:30. So I got up early and went to the meeting and waited for 20 minutes. Each day actually has two 7:30s and I got the wrong one. Better that I was 12 hours early than 12 hours late.


I won?t mention the beard contest again after this: I disqualified myself by shaving it off last week. Didn?t wish to go to my father-in-law?s funeral looking like a derelict.


We?re doing our part to keep the economy moving this year. So far we have purchased 17 airline tickets.

We have figured out how to avoid the extra fees for checked luggage and have managed to travel with carry-on only, so far.

It is a brilliant move by the airlines to charge for checked bags because they improve the bottom line two ways?they use less fuel because of less weight on the plane and they charge more if extra weight is brought onto the plane.


When the Camelis were here this past weekend, Louie was eating breakfast on Sunday morning and I offered the comic section to him. He said he had never read them before.

After he had been looking at them for a while I said to him, ?You?re not laughing.? He said that nothing was funny.


I must have jinxed the Jayhawks by mentioning them in my column last week. I resisted all season from doing that.

After they were knocked out of the Big 12 Tournament I tried to watch some of the other games but without much success. What I have discovered about myself is that I am not a basketball fan. Just a Jayhawk basketball fan.


I?m embarrassed to say the Hillsboro High School all-school reunion mailing is finally going out this week with registration and ticket information plus information from the Hillsboro Community Found?ation.

We are hoping alumni are learning the event will always be the Saturday night before Memorial Day and they can plan for it every year.

It has to be every year because every year there is a class with its 50th reunion, and such milestones need to be celebrated in a timely fashion.


In business for more than 10 years now, we are becoming overrun with files and records that need to be shredded. I spent most of the weekend going through old stuff that has accumulated in our building that needs to be pitched but shouldn?t be just thrown away.

One of these days we will be calling Shred KS to stop by with the truck and turn it into insulation or whatever they do with it.


If you want to follow where your tax money is going in the big government handouts, try this Web site:


Newspapers going in the tank is in the news. For the most part it concerns the big dailies, whose advertising is disappearing along with paid circulation. They are making drastic cuts and some are closing the doors.

Free community weeklies like ours are different. Our circulation is determined by the number of households in our distribution area. Our receivership is above 99 percent and readership is above 86 percent. Almost 80 percent respond to our advertising, which cannot be matched by any other media in our market.

Thank you for making it so.

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