Best route to Pilsen celebration

Our new veterans book will be released Sunday in Pilsen following the 10th Annual Fr. Kapaun Cele?bration.

Since I had seen a road-closed sign on the Pilsen Road not long ago, I decided to drive it Sunday afternoon to make sure everyone could get to Pilsen on that route as it is the most direct way to travel.

The road bed has been reworked to gravel and now has a solid base all the way north from U.S. Highway 56.

If you are driving from the west and want less gravel, I would take Kanza to 290th, then over to Remington and then back south to Pilsen. It?s either 7.5 miles or 1.5 miles of gravel, take your pick.

You are invited to join us for cake and coffee and pick up the book.


I have always wanted to know more about the Spanish language, and we get the opportunity to learn a bit about it at church in the following three weeks on Wednesday nights.

In past attempts to try to say a few words, I have been told my Spanish has a Low-German accent.


Have you ever taken a shower and then about an hour later realize you forgot to wash your hair?

This happens to me on occasion. So, what do you do?

I?ve tried using the sink, but that?s hard to do. The last time it happened I stuck my head in the shower stall while standing outside of it. That technique worked rather well.


On Sunday morning, when we were enjoying breakfast with the extra hour we were given, I commented that I thought maybe I wouldn?t change the clocks back to standard time.

Why not? In five months they would be correct again, and if you did goof up you would be an hour early?so what could go wrong?

There was no comment from the other side of the table.

About 10 minutes later, Nancy said a comment like that didn?t deserve a response.


The college basketball season is less than a week old and the KU team has twice as many wins as the football squad.


Our Trojan football team had a great run with a 10-1 season. The team was entertaining to watch.


KSU coach Bill Snyder has a policy of not disclosing injuries. It goes contrary to what people want to know, but it makes perfect sense to me.

It makes it harder for the opposition to prepare for your team if they don?t know who will or will not be playing in the upcoming game.


The local Tiger Cub Scout group paid a visit to the Free Press last week Tuesday. I always enjoy having them here just to see what questions they ask and to observe them in action.


If you own walking shoes, you are probably aware of the fact that you need to replace them from time to time.

I was told the shoes need to be replaced every nine to 12 months or at about 800 miles, whichever comes first. The best I can tell is that my shoes have about 2,000 miles on them and they are several years old. After replacing them, it?s really nice to have cushion back in the bottom of the shoes.

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