Beep in the night code for help

This is about sounds that go beep in the night. Once in a while my cell phone makes beeps during the night, like a low battery warning or that I have a voice message. I would really like to turn it off, but my world requires that I be available for problems that crop up day or night.?

Early Sunday we had a different beep in the night. It wouldn?t quit so I got up to investigate. After stumbling around for a while I learned it was our oven telling us it was malfunctioning. Error code F7.

I reset the clear/off button and went back to bed. A few minutes later it started all over again, wanting us to know that it still needed help.

A quick trip down to the breaker box silenced it for good but that also means the oven doesn?t work.



  • This whole cry for political ?change? thing on the national scene is like changing underwear. Only it is somebody else?s underwear.

  • Let?s face it. Both political parties are in bed with special interest groups. They operate in the same ways and both are beholden to their lobbyists, just different ones.

  • Obviously, anyone who is outside of the inside circle in Washington is out of luck. The incumbents have the inside track with war chests that could fund some small countries in the world.

    There are no fresh ideas in Washington. It?s the same thing for everyone. Automatic raises, borrow like there?s no tomorrow.

    It?s now down to three U.S. senators in the presidential race. What kind of change will we get when one of them gets in office?

    Third-party candidates who could and would bring new solutions to the problems are shut out of the debate.

  • Recently, when I was getting some soup for myself, Nancy asked if I had gotten out a bowl for her. I thought I was thinking fast when I said I had her bowl and was getting soup for her.

    She wasn?t fooled.

  • I received a letter from the IRS recently about something that was in question several years ago. They had the nerve to address it to: Dear Tax Customer. Paying taxes is one thing, but a customer I am not.

  • We are a bit isolated at times, but there are things going on in the world that fascinate me. I was reading about a huge ship named Cougar Ace. In July 2006 it was carrying 4,703 2006 Mazdas, valued at $103 million, to the United States when it nearly capsized in the Bering Sea. It became unbalanced when the crew?s effort to replace the water in the ballast tanks went wrong.

    Salvage companies go out and rescue these ships and the cargo on them. This particular ship was saved by Titan Salvage. Mazda decided to recycle all the cars because it didn?t want to risk having problems since the cars had been on a 60-degree angle for two weeks and the oil was displaced inside the engines and transmissions.

    To read this riveting story go to

  • Have you ever wondered why there are so many ink cartridges for printers these days?

    The printer manufacturers are really interested in selling ink. The printer is just the vehicle to get in your pocket. They need to keep changing the cartridges so the third-part manufacturers can?t keep up with them.

    It?s a multi-billion dollar business.

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