Be sure to thank a vet today

Veterans Day has deep meaning for every family in America whose lives have been touched by family members who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces.

We are proud to salute the more than 2,000 veterans whose names are listed in this edition of the Free Press. They have connections to Marion County and have sacrificed for freedom from World War I and II through the present wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as those who served in peace time.

We pause to thank all of them and their families for their service to our country.


I don?t spend a lot of time wishing or daydreaming about things, but one thing keeps coming into my consciousness.

My dad was a big fishing enthusiast, and I guess it rubbed off on me even though I haven?t been fishing for years.

Some of the best times I had when I was younger was going up north fishing with my dad, including a fishing trip to Ontario, Canada. We were dropped off there by a float plane in the middle of nowhere for three days of fishing for northern pike and walleye.

I guess this idea fits on my bucket list: I should take my son, son-in-law and grandsons fishing in Canada before it?s too late.


And I?ve always wanted to own a vehicle with a ?real? diesel engine.

The reason I say a real diesel is that we once owned a 1979 Olds 88 diesel, but it had many problems because the car company just took a regular gas engine block and made a diesel out of it. They never thought that it might not be heavy enough to hold up to the extra compression that diesel engines require.

Or maybe they did and thought they?d find enough suckers to buy one.

I think we had to replace the head gaskets about three times and always had problems with the injectors and the fuel pump.

But when it ran properly, I really liked the sound and the smell. Still like the smell and the sound of a diesel engine.

Now, I can?t get past the extra cost of the diesel engine itself and the higher cost of fuel. Back then the fuel was cheaper than gasoline.


After watching K-State beat KU this past weekend, in a very unspectacular yet methodical way, I am sure my thoughts were correct about Coach Bill Snyder having the know-how to take a program in total disarray back to the top in less than one season.

The question then is how can this one person make such a difference when others can only try to imitate him?

When you figure it out, please let me know. Actually, it?s not me that needs to know. There are other coaches who need to know.


This guy calls the ticket office and asks, ?Can I get a ticket with a back rest?? So he shows up at the game, and the seat is in the top row of the upper deck with a concrete wall for a seat back.


We are really looking forward to our second annual Buyer?s Edge Biz Expo planned for Memorial Hall on the Bethel College campus Feb. 11.

Additionally, we are pleased to say we also will be hosting several sessions Feb. 10 in Hillsboro in the Wohlgemuth Music Education Center at Tabor College.

Tim Smith, who was our featured speaker last year, will come back for another round.

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