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Roland Winter, a Hills?boro native now living in Denver, drop?ped off a booklet that was produced for Hillsboro High School prior to the 1930-31 school year. It was immensely interesting to me, so I am going to share a few gems from this book. Everything seemed so doggone practical back then.


?A PLEASANT FOUR YEARS?Four years in high school will be an oasis of pleasure in your life. It covers the period of most enthusiasm. It is the dawn of young manhood and young womanhood. New and greater interests are aroused. New hopes and ambitions are born. Friendships made here last through life. Sordid things are forgotten. Every American boy and girl should have this four-year inherent birthright before assuming the weightier responsibilities of life. This should become an American standard. Life at its best will be serious enough later. Often the things condemned as being unpractical turn out to be the most practical things of all. Life, at the forge or in the shop, will grow monotonous at best. The gem of literature, the appreciation of music, and the touch of art hanging in memory that relieves the grind of the daily task may be the most precious thing learned in early life. To live over again the school drama, the pennant winning basketball games, the junior debates, or to recall the pretty poetic fancy which still shines a beacon light to your own better thoughts, these lived over again in later days make daily tasks less drudgery and restore youthful smiles to care-drawn faces. These after all are the most practical things. We need training for our avocations, our vacant hours, quite as much as for our vocations.?


?Hillsboro?Hills?boro is located almost in the center of the state, in a rich agricultural community. It was founded in 1879 and named after J.G. Hill, one of the pioneers who saw the possibilities for building this beautiful town. It is located on the A.T. & Santa Fe R.R. and also on the 50N National Highway which is graveled and kept in fine condition. It now has a population of around 1,800 people, and with the develop?-ment of the oil field to the north of us, our population is growing quite rapidly. The principal streets have brick pavement and are well lighted. Salem Hospital, a modern, well equipped hospital, is located here. Tabor College offers a full college course and a good theological training. The Hillsboro Bible Academy is a school preparatory to a college course, and is well attended. Driving through the city, one is favorably impressed with the fine kept streets, beautifully decorated with trees, and the beautiful homes and buildings that would be a credit to any town twice its size. Hillsboro has its own band, composed of local talent?. The moral conditions of Hills?boro are very favorable?. Families looking for a desirable place to locate, where they can give to their children a good education, will make no mistake by coming to Hillsboro.?

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