Austin is fun, but getting back isn’t

We just returned from some family time in Austin Texas. This was supposed to be the Unruh side of the family trip that we had planned to take with Nancy’s mom last spring in March but we had a funeral instead. Everyone was there except a California niece, who had made other plans for this time.

I am impressed at how well we all get along unless the group is good at faking it.

Austin is a great place to vacation. There’s plenty to do and eat, which we did a lot of. For example, El Alma has terrific Mexican food, Stubbs is a great place for BBQ. I liked the stage they had there. There were posters from events featuring Willie Nelson and the late great Merle Haggard.

I guess in Texas they take a place with a bunch of trees and turn it into a Shady Grove place to eat. They know how to do breading on chicken fried steak and onion rings and they know how to make creamed corn to die for.

We got a tip from our Lawrence friends that Marsha Ball, Shelly King and Carolyn Wonderland were going to play at the Continental Lounge which has been there since 1955. I’m sure it’s older than that because it was something else before it became a club.

We sat by some people from Austin who asked what we had done so far, and I told them and they said, looks like you’ve hit all the good things except the bats which they recommended we do a river tour to see. We didn’t do that. We’ll have to save it for another time which we probably will do.

Nancy booked this trip on Expedia which made the trip down on one airline and the trip back on Frontier. What we learned was not to fool with Mother Nature or Frontier. The weather couldn’t be helped which made us fly from Denver back through Texas to come around from the east side. Frontier has nothing to do with Mother Nature, but they are very good at losing your checked baggage and can’t find it once you get there. Our Cameli bunch drove from Austin while we flew and they arrived in Hillsboro first. What does that tell you?

Austin has a funny deal where they have a terminal that is not in the airport called South Terminal. The food court is food trucks and like the Shady Grove restaurant without the trees. It only has three gates and you board the plane from the ground a long walk from the terminal. Frontier tries to make it sound really neat, but you can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig. You can’t even buy a newspaper there.

Austin is located on the Red River. All I could think of was Ray Benson and Asleep at the Wheel.

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