Apple a day isn?t always a sure cure

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away?but if you?re sick and need a doctor it?s not a good idea. I?ve eaten a lot of apples lately but to no avail. I still end up at the clinic for myriad reasons. At least they are nice to me there?nicer than I deserve.

Last week I went in for one problem and ended up having two. They told me I had, or would be getting, the flu, and explained what might be happening soon. Everything came true, so I didn?t get much done from Tuesday to Thursday. Makes the week go by way too fast.

  • The Free Press has a team entered in the Walk Across Kansas, which isn?t really walking across Kansas but an attempt to have the team collectively walk 423 miles by May 3.

    It?s only the second week and we?re as far as Russell.

  • This week is our first Spring Sports Section, which we announced last fall. I don?t know why it took us 10 years to do it, but we?re glad we did.

    A lot of work goes into it and we couldn?t do it without the cooperation of the coaching staffs at each school, plus the diligence of our own sportswriters.

    Plus, we thank all of our advertisers who really are the ones who make it possible. They always appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

  • I?ve done a lot of things in my day but have never written lyrics to a song until last week. I was walking across the street and out of the blue it came into my head.

    The tune is from ?If you?re happy and you know it, clap your hands.?

    If your pants rub together when you walk;
    If your pants rub together when you walk;
    If your pants rub together, then get out, enjoy the weather;
    Then your pants won?t rub together when you walk.

  • March Madness is a special time of the year. Nothing like watching teams that are supposed to win find it isn?t so easy to stay on top. Upsets are fun unless it happens to your team.

    I was hoping K-State could have kept it going a little longer. Had the Wildcats not gone 0-13 from 3-point territory they would have given Wisconsin a run. I guess that?s where the ?madness? comes from.

  • What I don?t get is how guards can just drive into the middle of the lane out of control and run into everybody while throwing up a shot?and keep going to the foul line. Must be a great strategy, because most teams try it again and again when nothing else is working.

  • The HHS Alumni Association committee just mailed out more than 3,000 special newspapers reminding all HHS alums (for whom we have current addresses) that the all-school reunion banquet will be May 24 at the high school.

    Also included was the latest ?real? Oracle published by the staff at Hillsboro High, plus information about the Hillsboro Community Found?ation and weekend events going on in Hillsboro during the Memorial Day weekend.

    Trying to maintain a current list is problematic as people keep moving around and don?t tell us.

    If you are a Hillsboro High School graduate and didn?t get the mailing, please let me know at or call me at 620-947-5702.

  • Don?t know how it happened so fast, but I just realized I graduated from KU 40 years ago this spring.

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