Another use for fresh eggs

Natalie, here at the Free Press, has been bringing farm-fresh eggs to the office from her little crew of chickens on the farm in rural Marion.

The last time she brought some in, they all didn’t go home with the staffers, so I asked if I could take some to our previous neighbors, the Gif­fins, and Natalie said yes.

When I dropped the eggs off at their house, they said something about juggling the eggs and pretty soon I looked over and Tanner is juggling three raw eggs flawlessly.

I couldn’t believe my eyes, and then I wondered how he was going to stop because he has only two hands. He catches one in one hand and then catches two in the other. No eggs were broken. Amazing!

Thanksgiving was a great day. Great food and great company. I think I am still in a food coma.

We had Nancy’s mom, my brother Mark, my sister Janet and most of her family, plus a friend of one of the boys.

In addition, we also video called sister Elaine in Minneapolis, son Dan and Katie in Yakima, who just moved from Bend to Port Angeles, Wash., and can see “Russia” from their deck (not true, they can see Victoria B.C. from their deck). Plus, we talked on the phone with Amy and grandsons Alex and Louis in Atlanta. I believe these types of activity is what holidays are for.

Amy told us when she was at KU nearly 20 years ago, they had a pre-google “KU Info.” Call with a question about almost anything and get an answer.

I didn’t’ know you could do this, but brother Mark showed me how to watch “Watch ESPN” replays, so we streamed the game between KU and Texas Southern from the previous Tues­day night. Why does the Jayhawk Network black out ESPN3 when the games have been long sold out?

When in Lawrence recently, we went out to dinner with the Ranneys. It was a place called Morn­ingstar’s New York Pizza located near the junction of 6th and Wakarusa.

It is owned and run by Brady Morningstar’s parents, who were both there that night. We spoke with Brady’s mom who was pleased he now had a full-time job coaching and had health insurance. When he was in the D League and playing overseas, it was only for part of the year so no benefits for the other months.

The “Dunce Hat of the Year Award” this year goes to DirecTV. Since we left them for Dish in August we have received three mailings from them showing that we have a 31-cent credit balance. Looks like a big losing proposition to me unless they are trying to keep the U.S. Post Office in business.

Two hot dogs walked into a bar and the bartender told them they didn’t serve food there.

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