Another job off the list

It sure was nice to come home to a fresh coat of paint on the house and trim. We hired JD Bowman of JDs Painting to do the job, and I would recommend him for house painting.

He did exactly what we asked him to do. He prepped and primed what needed it, and we think it looks terrific. Our house has a hip roof, which means no tall ladders, and I think that suited him just fine.

JD has a Facebook page, so go to JDs Painting if you want to see some of his work or contact him.

We took in a baseball game one Sunday afternoon when out in Port Angeles. It was Port Angeles Lefties vs. Yakima Pippins. I think the team was on the caliber of the teams that play in the NBC tournament in Wichita.

They had the organ music and a mascot and everything. I think there were about five home runs that day and the home team was leading into the seventh or eighth inning at least by two runs. I think they were either out of pitchers or the manager didn’t know anything as I think he left the guy in too long as he was looking tired since he started the game.

Anyway, the away team led by two after its next at bat.

Timber, the Beavers mascot, was posing for photos with folks at the game, and I should have had mine taken with him but didn’t. Too late now.

One afternoon we drove out to some lavender farms, and I have never seen so many lavender bushes ever. There were literally thousands of bees swarming in the lavender bushes but none ever came out and tried to sting us. It sounded like high-pitched motors ready to go somewhere.

I may have already mentioned that Dan’s wife, Katie, is a fantastic cook. Several times in jest we said we felt sorry for him because of what he had to eat every day.

One evening we had salmon BLT sandwiches made with the sock-eye salmon that was left from the meal before. And one evening she made clam chowder just for me because I like it so much.

We were lucky enough to see Stevie Ray Vaughan’s brother Jimmie Vaughan at Knuckleheads in KC last week with the Ranneys.

We try to mix a little fun with doctor appointments at KU Med Center.

This is the 1,039th column I have written in as many weeks. Next week will wrap up 20 years straight. Am I asking for a medal? Heavens no. I have been paid for writing it.

When will it end? Who knows? I am told I can write it as long as I wish.

It is a dilemma—the longer I write the column, the harder it is to finish my book of nonsense.

I haven’t worked on it for at least eight months. It’s not like I have writer’s block as it has already been written—just need to compile the columns I have already written.

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