Another good time in Atlanta

I flew from Atlanta to Wichita over the weekend and my arms are still tired.

We now qualify for the TSA pre-check, which I’ll have to say is much easier than what we went through in the past. We didn’t apply for it. It just started showing up on our boarding passes when we printed them out. Or maybe they just took a look at us and said, “They are not a risk.”

No more taking off the shoes and coats. Maybe it’s because we go to the same places often enough and we always come back.

This was a quick trip to see the kids and grandkids, and as Alex will be gone for the summer, we for sure wanted to see him before he took off. He just finished his first year at the University of Georgia and is out of school already.

Louis is still finishing his junior year in high school, so we didn’t see as much of him. We’ll be going back again next year to watch him graduate from high school.

Those boys are still growing taller, at least Lou is. I’m kind of envious of their flat bellies.

We traveled up to Athens one day to see where Alex hangs out and to view the apartment he shares with another kid from Atlanta who also graduated from Grady.

The trip up was through the trees. In fact, if Georgia was undeveloped, I think it would be totally covered with trees.

Alex is now officially a campus bus driver. He took us to the bus home base, and we saw a few he has been driving during the second semester. These are like city buses. He said the ridership is second only to MARTA (the rapid transit system) in Atlanta. All students ride free and can go from one stop to another if they wish. (Free with fees.)

I have an ongoing battle with the Delta Faucet Co.

I purchased one of their faucets from the Lumber­yard last year—they are innocent—and when in­stalled it wouldn’t shut off.

Delta claimed it was an installation error, when the two people who did the initial installation and the other who later worked on it together, had a total of 50 years experience.

My mistake was sending back the original cartridge. I am positive they switched the cartridge with a different one to prove it wasn’t their fault.

It still wouldn’t shut off when we installed the second valve body the company sent. I think they are trying to wear me out.

Since Alex’s apartment was broken into during the fall semester, he and his roommate were allowed to get a guard dog. So they went down to the animal shelter in Athens and found the perfect dog. He doesn’t bark and doesn’t try to pull the owner along on a walk. He’s a pit bull and his name is Gideon.

We spent a few days with Gideon. I was never afraid I would be harmed.

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