An idea for your travel postcards

A while back I was cleaning out our garage when I came across my postcard collection that was one of my childhood hobbies. They have been in the same box for probably 50 years by now and moved 15 times.

While on a recent road trip by my lonesome, I came up with an idea that might rejuvenate my old hobby and make for some interesting reading on the Free Press website.

Here is the deal. While you are out traveling the state, the country or the world, how about sending me a post card from your exotic, or not so exotic, location and I will post it on our website in Partly Nonsense for all to see. I think it would be neat to see where everyone goes, and it just might rejuvenate my postcard collection.

If you want to write a message, I?ll post that too unless you don?t want me to. Just indicate it on the card.

Plus, it would help keep the U.S. Postal Service going.


We are trying to do our part to keep the post office open. Our annual postage bill comes to about $80,000. We?ve paid out more than $1.25 million mailing out our publications since we started in 1996.


The trampoline event at the Olympics is awesome. I couldn?t believe how high they could get off of the canvas.


I took a mini-vacation from my column last week. I hope you didn?t mind. I know my wife didn?t read it. I read it three times.


The rain is coming. And like the Sedgwick County extension agent said, ?It will rain again, but maybe not in my lifetime.?


Wendy?s did it to me again. This time it was in Clay Center. I thought I had a new way of ordering that was working until last week.

What I say now is, ?I know you don?t have hamburgers anymore, but I want one. And just put pickle and mustard on it and no cheese.? (I really like their hamburgers, but I really dislike their cheese).

So I take my meal to my table and open it. Argggghh! It had cheese on the bottom. So I scraped it off the burger and took the bottom half of the bun back and asked for a new half a bun. They always offer to make a new one, but I thought the bun replacement would do it.

So I take my new half a bun and go sit down again. I reassemble the burger and take a bite. Arrrggghhh again. This one had cheese on the top and the bottom. So I scraped off the top cheese, grumbled a bit more, and ate the dumb thing.


I jumped on the scale the other morning and thought I had gained 20 pounds. Then I put on my glasses and it wasn?t so.


Farm Bureau?s Ag Fact this week is that a bee makes 1/12 of a teaspoon of honey in its entire life. What are they doing with the rest of their time? Or maybe they don?t live very long, or they are flying from nectar to hive most of the time.

This just in. They only work sox to seven weeks.


Speaking of time, there was a farmer who held up a baby pig to the apple tree so it could have fresh apples every day. He did this until the pig grew to be quite large. Then someone asked if that didn?t take a lot of time. And the farmer said, ?What?s time to a pig??

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