All-School reunion is still annual

Mark Twain?s observation, ?The reports of my demise are grossly exaggerated,? can also be applied to the HHS All-School Reunion.

Contrary to what might have been said recently, the all-school reunion will not be held less frequently. It will be held each year on the Saturday night before Mem?orial Day, as it has since 2000. An All School Reunion committee will be taking over the event, so stay tuned.

  • Congratulations to our office manager and accountant Nicole Suderman and her husband, Kevin, on the birth of Colby James. Nicole runs a tight ship at the office, so it?s no fluke the little guy arrived right on time.

    Baby Colby, Mom and Grand?ma Williams stopped by Friday so we could be introduced. He is very good looking and we?re glad we got to hold him for a bit.

    We might be prejudiced, but I think he is a cute as they come.

  • We?re not sure what it is about working at the Free Press, but this is our third baby in 15 months.

  • I don?t know if this happens to anyone else, but twice in the past two weeks I?ve taken a shower with my glasses on. Absentmind?edness strikes when it?s least expected, I guess.

  • Byron McCarty sent me a link to a Web site where you can take a survey and then it will tell you who you most likely favor for president. If you want to give this presidential candidate selection tool a try go to

    I won?t tell you how my exercise came out but I will say Hilary Clinton was at the bottom.

  • Whoever invented wheels on the bottom of a suitcase was very clever. I tried to find out the inventor but there is a debate about who thought of it first.

  • Son-in-law George not only has a Palm Pilot but also has an arm pilot. When he runs out of room on his palm, he continues writing notes up his arm.

  • We got a call from Atlanta last week that we needed to do video iChat with the Camelis because Louie wanted to show us something.

    We were guessing he was going to show us that he had finally lost his first tooth, and when we saw him he stuck his mouth up to the camera.

    We asked if the tooth fairy had come to see him and he said he received $5 for it but wished it had been $10.

    I only got a dime for mine.

  • I read something recently that makes complete sense to me: God gives us the ingredients for our daily bread, but He expects us to do the baking.

    This was written by one of America?s most quoted writers of inspirational maxims, William Arthur Ward, according to Wikipedia.

  • We have been badgered by Discover Card lately at the office. They seem to call every day wanting me to take out their card. I told them not to call any more and they said it would be 30 days before the computer would recognize that I was off the list.

    I wonder what kind of computers they have, as today?s databases are instant. And they are still calling because the 30 days isn?t up yet. How brazen can they be? Usually clubbing people over the head doesn?t gain favor.

Happy Birthday, Mom.

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