All-school reunion is scheduled

It’s official now. The 2019 HHS All-School Reunion will be held at Tabor College Shari Flaming Fine Arts Center and the entertainment this year will be the internationally known Greg Classen, Ventriloquist.

The committee is still hammering out some of the details so stay tuned to this space in the future.

Watch for details for what is planned for the Friday of HHS Home­coming…the day at school will have the usual tour but there will be some other interesting things to do at HHS on Friday.

And when you receive your Oracle in the mail sometime in July, DO NOT THROW IT AWAY as it will contain schedules of events and much more.

The Big XII had six teams in the big dance and after the first weekend, the number was down to one. Texas Tech is the only team still standing and made it to the sweet 16. I was hoping KU would face UNC in KC.

I like my afternoon naps these days.

If I don’t want to sleep very long I don’t cover up; and if I do, I do.

Is there an echo in here?

I am starting to really like my new printer, too, that prints from my phone.

If I hit the right buttons it prints and I can hear it happening from the living room.

I finally broke down and downloaded a password app the creates and remembers my passwords for all of my accounts that use passwords. That was fine until I forgot the password to my password app.

I really don’t think that I forgot it, but I probably thought I had typed something in that was different than I thought it was.

Therefore after setting up about ten accounts, I had to start over with a new account and password for my password app.

If there is something that I hate the most about technology it is the use of passwords.

Here is something that everyone who uses a computer and who has ever attended Hillsboro High should know. It is the link on the right side on the web site home page with a link to the All-school reunion page which contains links to all of the HHS Annuals or Yearbooks from 1941 to 1997 and the facebook page of the reunion. I will get to the rest of them as I have time.

This farmer decided to hold up a piglet to the apple tree so it didn’t have to work too hard to gain weight.

Someone once asked him if that didn’t take a lot of time to do that and he said, “What’s time to a pig?”

The teacher said to the student that his composition about the family cat was word for word what his brother wrote in one of her other classes.

The student explained that it was the same because it was about the “same cat.”

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