All-school reunion is coming fast

The Hillsboro High School All School Reunion is two months away. We?re hoping all of you who received the mailing titled ?The Oracle? will respond favorably and also check with classmates to see if they received their copy.

It is impossible to maintain a mailing list that is 100 percent accurate. Our current list contains just over 3,000 names, and that is how many should have received their information. Extra copies are available around town in case you were inadvertently missed.

We thank Ray and Aldina Franz, who spent many hours updating the lists. There is no way they could have found everything, but did a great job.


I?m glad for the warmer weather these days?I was tiring of walking on our treadmill on wintery days. To pass the time on the treadmill, I decided to try to learn Spanish. I received a Rush Hour Spanish course on CD for Christmas a few years ago, so I thought I?d try it. Success has been elusive.

There?s always next winter.


Kansas state government needs more money all of the time to fund its insatiable appetite, but I think legislators who are pushing casinos are on the wrong track.

The casino backers may be successful this time around, but there are flaws in the theory.

How absurd is it that 2 percent of the funds raised by gambling will go to address the social ills it causes? To me, that means gambling is not such a good idea to begin with.

Then they want to allow people to use their credit cards at the casinos, which looks to me like a formula for disaster.


We are required to update our mailing lists every three months. Having seen the new numbers, it is interesting to note that our smaller communities are staying stable or growing slightly. Our bigger communities are slipping some, except Hillsboro?s routes are growing slightly.

Ramona grew the most at 17 percent. I wonder if Fort Riley expansion is part of that growth. While in White City recently, I learned that community may see an increase of 400 homes; four new basements had already been poured at the time of my visit.


Since grandson Alex has soccer hair, I decided to try it myself. And sometimes one has to go with the flow.

I have an appointment to get mine cut off next month after we get back from visiting the Camelis in Atlanta.


Raymond Cornelsen was one of Hillsboro?s movers and shakers from the 1950s to the 1970s. He owned Hillsboro Finance and Insurance Co. at 105 S. Main, which is now home to the Insurance Center and other businesses.

In the late ?70s he sold the insurance business to Paul Rundstrom and the real estate and finance division to Delores Dalke. He and wife Almeda renovated the building in the ?60s and added a retirement apartment above the businesses below. Nancy and I now live in that apartment and we?re glad he built it.

Ray was involved in many facets of Hillsboro?s fabric. I was impressed by him and thought he could be governor material. He also had a terrific sense of humor.

It was Ray who convinced me in 1980 that I should get my real estate license and cease being an employee. I haven?t really had a job since.

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