Aired up tires make a difference

I haven?t ridden my bicycle much yet this year. In fact, the first time I rode it was last week. When I rolled it out, it appeared that the tires were OK.

I was planning a trip to Hills?boro Heights?which is downhill, by the way?to pick up my van. By the time I reached the corner of Ash and Grand, I was already huffing and puffing. I thought I was just getting old.

A bit further and I peeked down at the back tire and it looked low. So I plodded onward. By this time I was at the corner of Ash and First streets. At that point I stopped and looked. In reality, both tires were flat. So I had to make a decision. Would I go back home or keep going?

I decided to keep going since the tires were probably ruined already, and if they were it wouldn?t matter anyway.

It also occurred to me that by the time I reached the police station it would be downhill, which would make it easier at that point. In the meantime, I spotted the air hose at Casey?s and stopped for air. Aired up tires make a world of difference.


There seems to be a national cheese conspiracy.

I have been frustrated lately in trying to order a hamburger at some of the fast-food burger joints. Every time I order a hamburger, it comes with cheese. I always thought a hamburger didn?t have any cheese on it and a cheeseburger had cheese on it. Not so.

One place now has cheese on everything unless you specifically request that the cheese be removed. I think it was a way to raise the price of a hamburger. You pay the price of a cheeseburger even though it doesn?t have any cheese on it.

I traveled to Oklahoma recently and stopped at a place that has arches in front of it. There I tried to order a hamburger, without cheese of course, and it wasn?t allowed. I had to first give them the number of the burger I wanted and then they could deal with what went on it.

So I ordered a No. 14 with just pickles and mustard. The young man put in my order and for some reason I asked him if he had put cheese on my hamburger. He said yes and then I blurted out, ?What is wrong with you people? I said I wanted a hamburger, not a cheeseburger.?

I felt bad after I said it, seeing the reaction. From now on, I am going to order fish sandwiches.


The All-School Reunion is in the books for another year and it was a great one, in my view. Hearing classmate Ralph Seibel and family members perform music and seeing Coach Arlo Buller again was over the top.

The reunion committee put in a lot of work to make it happen and it was well worth it. This year?s turnout grew by more than 100, which was exciting and challenging.


There is a hilarious video on YouTube of a talking dog that I think already has more than 33 million views. Search for ?Ultimate Dog Tease.?


Hillsboro High grad Jim Hiebert is a regular attender of the class reunion, and I learned this time that he worked in Hillsboro?s Avon Theater while in high school. Knowing that the Free Press is located in the same building the Avon occupied, he told me that one of his duties was to make popcorn for theater patrons.


It?s official now. The Cameli boys will be in Kansas for two weeks during fair time. I think they eat a lot more now that they are 13 and 11 years old. We are eagerly awaiting that time.

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