Addicted to joke books?

I don’t know what it is about joke books, but I think I may be addicted to them. I get one in the mail and before I have finished reading it, another one is here.

I should have known when friend Dave texts me for my address. A day or two later the joke book is here.

They are also therapeutic as they are good for cleaning out the junk in one’s eyes. The minute I pick one up and start to read, the laughter is soon to come and my eyes are washed out soon.

Without the medical profession I most likely would not be here today.

We counted the number of doctors and specialists I have seen in the past 10 years and it is astounding to me how many there have been. From the professionals at Hillsboro Clinic, to those at St. Luke, Newton Medical Center/Hillsboro Community Hospital, Via Christi, Kansas Heart Hospital and KU Medical Center, plus Hillsboro Home­town Pharmacy, I have received great care from them all and I am grateful.

I have a pretty good feeling they are not through with me yet, and I am not through with them.

I may have interacted with more than 40 nurses, doctors and other specialty people in the medical field.

I do know that one has to ask questions to know what is best for yourself and that you can’t take anything for granted.

It doesn’t hurt to have a caring wife along for all of the visits either and for that I am very blessed.

Doc, it hurts when I move my arm like this.

Don’t do that.

I just watched an episode of “SoundBreaking” on my phone while I was relaxing in my recliner over the noon hour recently.

I had almost forgotten about all of the ways we have had music delivered to our ears in my lifetime. First, there was the brittle 78 record on the crank up Victrola. It would only play for a few minutes. Then came the 33 LP which could extend the listening time a lot. (Long Play).

Capitol records came up with the LP and there was heavy competition between Victrola and Capitol at that time in the music business. The 45 records came in about the same time as the LP, was created by RCA Victor and gave us two songs on the A and B sides. Every generation has had its own delivery system of music.

This guy goes into a bar every evening after work and orders three shots. He does this for days and the bar tender finally asks him if he would like to have it all in one glass. The guy says no because he is drinking for his brothers who cannot be there.

One day he just orders two shots and the bartender is all concerned that something must have happened to one of the brothers so he asks.

The guy says they are both fine—it is that he himself is the one who has quit drinking.

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