A weekend of fun in Atlanta

I am in charge of study hall at the Cameli household this afternoon but I?m not getting much cooperation so far.

The boys and I just walked up to a little shopping area and had some lunch at the Victory Sandwich Shop. We all had the ?Castro,? which was pulled pork, ham, cheese and mustard on a very thin sandwich bun that was pressed on a grill. Quite tasty, I must say.

Then we found some chocolate cookies at another place just up the street.

George is playing in the 11th annual Bosnian Open Golf Tournament and Amy and Nancy are out shopping at one of the fancy malls.


Something is going on all the time in the neighborhood down here, so it seems.

Yesterday was the ?Chomp and Stomp? Chili Cookoff in Cabbage Town, which is within walking distance. Quite a few bands were playing in various locations throughout the closed-off streets and parks.

I had never been to one of these types of events, so I didn?t know what to expect. When we arrived at 11 a.m. the streets were packed with people?and dogs?with booths for tasting chili concoctions cooked by individuals and by area restauranteurs.

Plus, the event had an arts and crafts feel to it, with many booths of artisans and their wares.


At Chomp and Stomp, for $5, you get a spoon?which were biodegradable and made from plants?and then each booth has little paper cups containing samples of chili. Since it was so crowded, it took a while to get close enough to get a sample. And with six people in our group, it was also hard to keep track of everyone.

By the time we were finished, I think I had about a bowl and a half of chili.

My favorite was the brisket chili, which had great big chunks of brisket. It?s something I may try to make.

The same place also had goat chili, which I didn?t find nearly as appealing. And the split-pea and plain old bean chili seemed a bit odd.


Crowds at the event in previous years were estimated to be from 15,000 to 19,000, and I think they all showed up again this time. I really don?t like to be in huge crowds like that?but that?s what happens in the city.


I caught part of the Tabor vs. Southwestern game on the Web and then went back Sunday to finish watching the second half. It?s starting to look like the Bluejays are learning how to finish games and win.

The more I watch football through the years, the more I am convinced that the coaching has a huge impact on the game.


I also had to watch KSU-OSU on the computer because in Atlanta, the game between Wake Forest and Notre Dame was on instead.

I did this with the sound turned off and watched a movie with the rest of the gang at the same time. I didn?t miss much of the movie and didn?t miss any of the game.

No one can tell me that coaching wasn?t involved in the Wildcats success against the Cowboys.

I actually believed the Cats would win and I think they did by the way they played. I can?t remember a better football game in years.

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