A week of big stories and events

The issue regarding the one percent sales tax proposed for a new jail was one of the biggest stories of this past week. It befuddles me that we are just now starting to hear what is actually planned one month from the election. The information presented was vague at best and biased.

After the Hillsboro meeting I had a man come to me and say he had seen in my column that I hadn?t found anyone who supported the jail idea. He said, ?Well, now you have.?

He went on to say, if I understood correctly, that he bought a vehicle and groceries out of the county because he didn?t receive friendly treatment locally.

There are two major problems I see with that mindset. He doesn?t intend on helping pay for the jail anyway and won?t be contributing to the local sales tax collections regardless of what they are used for.


Tabor?s centennial celebration and homecoming was another major event this past weekend. It looked like a big success to me and included many visitors from far and wide.

?Fiddler on the Roof,? presented five straight days, was a tremendous commitment on the part of all who participated.

I didn?t know there was so much talent around here and we enjoyed the production immensely.


When Jay Kroeker jumped on the table and began singing his part with the long, long note, I thought at first it really was him singing, then after it had gone on for such a long time I thought it must be a recording, and then realized it really was him. I have never heard anything like that in my life.

I learned afterward he had played the same part 30 years ago when Tabor put on the same show.


We called the Camelis in Atlanta last week. When we asked Alex what he was doing, he said he was checking his e-mail, instant messaging a friend, doing his homework and listening to Bob Marley.

Multi-tasking begins at an early age these days.


I also asked him what he thought about the crisis in the financial world and he replied, ?It?s crazy!?


I have to give our Kansas con?gressional delegates credit for voting against the bailout. I?ve been told I am too harsh on Washington and should say more about personal responsibility on the part of the masses and probably I should.

But, it only took another couple of hundred billion of pork to get it through the House, though. We can be so proud of the rest of them for this courageous act.


This past weekend was spent in one- and two-hour segments. Maybe that is how everyone spends their weekends.

Or maybe I just have a short attention span.


It?s not such a great year to be a football fan in these parts.

The Chiefs are floundering big time, the Wildcats still haven?t found their way, the Jayhawks have had too many scary moments, and the Bluejays need some seasoning.

On a more positive note, the Trojans are fun to watch because you never know when Ishmael is going to break another long run for a touchdown.


I?m still listening to the Prairie Home Companion jokes.

What?s brown and sounds like a bell?


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