A tough week for doors

This has been ?can?t get the door open week.? First, the handle broke on the driver?s door of the van, which is extremely unhandy. Plus, it isn?t cool to crawl through the passenger door to get to the driver?s seat.

The next handle to break was the entry door knob to our apartment. We have already had two episodes with that problem.

First, Nancy couldn?t get in Saturday night when the door knob came off in her hand. She managed to get it back on the mechanism and turned it to open the door.

Then, Sunday morning after I went down to get the newspaper, the knob on the inside wouldn?t turn at all. I ended up finding the only screwdriver left in the place and took it apart to get out.


By now I think a lot of people know we are moving to our house soon. In preparation, we have been going through things and culling out what isn?t needed. At least one of us is doing that task.

I thought I would look under our bed to see what might be lurking there and to my surprise, I found an axe. After thinking about that find for a while, I remembered that I had put it there in case I would ever need it to chop my way out of our apartment?before we put in a window that faces the street.


In my defense, I ordered a 2-cubic-yard Dumpster and have filled it twice. I had it emptied for the final time and taken away this past Friday.


We are really glad that Dan is here to help me with some of the carpentry things that we wanted done before the move. We?re also glad to have Katie?s blessing for him to be here so long.

The biggest item on the list is my new wood shop near the alley on the property. The unexpected snowfall Friday put us back a day, so Dan has extended his stay a couple more days, thank goodness.

Since the building is not intended to have drainage on the floor, the barely framed-up building drew some standing water as it was open to the sky.

When the skies lightened up later in the day, I started sweeping out some of the standing water so the floor could dry out by the time we could get back to it. I swept and swept and swept?and then asked Dan if he thought I had done enough.

He said I might soon be asking him to find some towels.


When the grandsons were here for the county fair, Nancy took them to the airport for the flight back to Atlanta.

On the way out of town she stopped at Jost Service and had Lowell fill the tank. When he had finished, she said thank you and drove off. Alex says, ?Grandma, how does that work?? thinking she had just driven off without paying. She then told him that we can charge the gas and pay at the end of the month.

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