A moving experience for us both

Nancy and I could say we had a very moving experience this past weekend. It is probably no secret that I have way more ideas than I can possibly accomplish.

On New Year?s Day a light bulb came on in my head that we should trade the furniture in our two bedrooms so I could have my treadmill in the same room with the television to make the time pass by faster while working out.

It took a bit of selling to make it happen, and now that it?s been done I believe it will take more selling. I even mapped everything out on a grid to show where everything would go and how things would fit.

There seem to be a few extra chairs and such that still need to find a place, but that will come later.

  • I was talking with my sister Elaine on the phone on Saturday. That was after she called me on Wednesday last week. Since I was busy at the time, I told her I?d call back when I got home later that evening?which I forgot to do.

    Anyway, she was telling me about this special tea or something that she bought one day that was supposed to make one?s memory better. When she left the place, she forgot to take the half-finished drink with her.

  • We often receive printing, such as inserts for the newspaper and copy paper, from Baker Bros. across the street.

    Jim and I agree it was a good thing that Todd Jost stood his ground in 2003 when the new streets were put in and kept the curb cut in front of his establishment next door to the Free Press. Makes it a lot easier to push a two-wheel dolly with a load on it up to our front door.

  • In January I received a speeding ticket in Wichita on West 21st between Ridge and Tyler. What are the choices if you feel the ticket was unwarranted?

    You can ask for a hearing or just send in the $106 and be done with it. I chose the former.

    Here?s where I think they try to get you. You have to ask for the hearing in person, then appear at a later date. And the hearings begin at 8:30 a.m. and go in alphabetical order.

    If the hearing doesn?t go your way then you can ask for a trial.

    Hope I don?t have to go that far, but I do have a witness who will back me up.

  • They say you only get one chance to make a first impression.

    New Tabor College President Jules Glanzer had his opportunity this past Friday night at the annual Tabor College President?s Dinner, and I believe he made the most of it with his remarks.

    I believe the future looks very bright for Tabor College with the torch being passed from Larry Nikkel to President Glanzer.

    We welcome President Glanzer and his wife, Peg, to Hillsboro. As part of the business community, we appreciate his pledge to shop locally whenever possible.

  • Several months ago I encouraged you to go get that medical checkup you?ve put off all these years.

    If you?re older than 50 and have never had one, now is the time. Early detection of medical problems can make a big difference in the outcome. Trust me.

  • If you wish to know where the money goes or comes from on the state level, you may check it out at www.ksrevenue.org.

    Find statistics plus a host of forms, rules and regulations for business and personal.

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