A little boy and a bus ride

If you know this little boy I know, you will be able to picture this in your mind very easily.

He just started riding the bus to school this year. When he first would wait for the bus, he would sit in his little lawn chair on the concrete driveway by the house and then run down the lane when the bus pulled up.

He wised up and now sits in his lawn chair in the middle of the lane near the road and waits. His mom then picks up the chair from its spot in the lane and puts it in the car when she drives to work in the morning.


OK, I?ll admit it. I am caught up in the hype about the start of the Jayhawks? football season. So I thought I would watch the first game on pay-per-view to see if the hype was full of baloney.

I thought I would be able to split the cost with my wife, which would make it a little easier to pay. Since we use the same checkbook, that makes no sense at all.


Well, game time arrived and the pay-per-view channel was blacked out in our area. Then I headed for my computer to watch on firstrowsports.eu, but the Kansas game link shows the Arkansas game. Then I tried Internet radio and got the game on KLWN in Law?rence.

This wasn?t all bad since I was able to get some work done while I listened. And after listening for a while, it was just as well that it was blacked out.


I did record the K-State game, so I got to watch some football later in the evening. The Wildcats were much improved from last week.


We?re eager to let you know we are streaming all Tabor Bluejay home football games this year, in case you can?t get to the game or are out of town and want to watch.

Our announcers are new this time around. Lee Wal?dron and Blake Buhrman will be providing the play-by-play and the color commentary. Gone are Bruce Jost and Rod Hamm, who did a great job in past seasons and may sub again this year.

Go to the Free Press website and find the link under ?Breaking news.?

With the big win in Lincoln this past Saturday, the Bluejays will be a team we are hyped up about seeing in action.


If you are from the Harvey County area and are still interested in that region, we have two publications that you may be interested in having and reading.

The first is the Buyer?s Edge, a monthly newsprint publication, and the second is HarveyCounty NOW.com, a glossy, full-color quarterly magazine about people and events related to Harvey County.

Both, like the Free Press, have accompanying websites with flip-page editions.

Stop by the Free Press office and pick up a free copy of each publication, or read it online by going to: buyersedgeks.com and harveycountynow.com.

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