A life that focused on giving

We ?went to our sister-in-law Penny Hein-Unruh?s memorial and celebration of life service at the Westwood Presbyterian Church this past Saturday near the UCLA campus.

While it is hard to accept her death, the service had a recurring theme in that it wasn?t so much what everyone will be missing with Penny gone, but with how much she has already given in her lifetime, which ended too early at the age of 62.

She has left a large and endearing legacy that has impacted many people including her family, friends and many people from the UCLA community.


We met Amy, George, Dan and Katie in Los Angeles over the past weekend. Got a text with a photo showing our grandsons delivering their parents to the Atlanta airport with the oldest, Alex, driving and Louis in the passenger seat.

They said it was a little unnerving watching their kids drive away in their car for the first time after dropping them off.


My Minnesota niece was telling her little boys they really needed to clean up the house, to which the 5-year-old said, ?Let it go.?


I checked our rain gauge after the last big rain and nothing was in it. Could it be because I had planted it in the ground under the eaves of my shop?

People always ask how much rain we got, to which I usually have no answer other than ?all of it.?


This month?s Buyer?s Edge has a totally new look to it. The person responsible for the new look is Joey Young. if you want to see it, go to buyersedgeks.com. Or stop by the office for a copy.


I installed a deadbolt in our front door recently.

It had had one before, but the deadbolt was missing. Since it was early ?50s vintage, the company that made it was no longer in business, so no parts were available online?that I could find.

Then I found Central Key and Safe in Wichita, where I took the pieces I had, to see if they could put something together that would work. I then got a call that my deadbolt was ready to pick up. Thinking it was fixed, I called to find out how much it would be.

I was told that they couldn?t fix it and it was ready for pick up, but did I want keys made for it. I?m thinking what good would keys be to a deadbolt that didn?t have all the pieces. So when I was in town, I stopped by and picked it up.

So, to put in a new deadbolt I would have to plug the existing holes and drill new holes for a modern deadbolt.

It was not as easy as I thought and took quite a while to put it in.

My wife quipped she was glad we didn?t build a new house because it would never have been finished at the rate it took me to fix it.


I thought Atlanta traffic was bad, but Los Angeles traffic has it beat by a mile.

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