A hint for help, not skiiing

The other day my winter coat and my down vest were on the bed, so I got excited and thought my wife is taking me on a surprise ski trip. 

Not the case. She just wanted me to hang them on the upper bar in the hall closet because I am done using them for the season.

Ski trip? How would I go skiing (just wanted to show you I know how to spell skiing) when I have trouble walking straight?

We drove to Kansas City to spend 10 minutes in the doctor’s office to get three shots of botox near my left eye to stop the facial spasms.

It’s kind of like when something is wrong with your car and you take it in to be fixed and you can’t hear the problem.

Anyway, my face spasmed all Sunday and Monday and every time—four times during the night when I woke up the day of—and then when we got there it didn’t do it at all.

He said it would take two to five days for the shot to be totally effective and would last from six to eight months before I would need the shots again.

He said in the 22 years he has been treating this malady, none had ever gone away on its own.

I have these rather large bags under my eyes, and the one under my surgical eye seems to be bigger than the other. I asked him if he had heard that using Preparation H under your eyes would shrink the bags.

He said he had heard of this treatment, but didn’t seem to think it was a viable treatment. He didn’t actually say that, but I could tell from his body language that he thought it was hokey.

We also picked up my Marantz tuner from the repair shop in Prairie Village as we were going there anyway.

I learned there was absolutely nothing wrong with it, except it needed the hard reset, which I wrote about last week.

He said the method to do this isn’t in the manual, nor is it available online as I tried to find it.

The guy has been fixing audio equipment for 35 years and had never seen this problem before. Everything else checked out OK, and I took it home and it works, except now everything is factory defaults so some of my setting will need to be re-entered.

Brother Mark will be busy on his next visit putting things back like they were, as I don’t have the knowledge or the will to figure it out myself.

When I was setting up the tuner again last Tuesday night I said this would be easy. Two and a half hours later it was all hooked back up.

I am one of those people who needs to have the surround sound and the sub- woofer when I watch TV.

The little tiny wires are really hard to get re-attached in the right place and then stringing them back is harder in the dark.

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