A great weekend for football

It was great to be a football fan this past weekend, unless you live and die with the Chiefs.

The biggest thrill was right here in town with the Bluejays taking care of business at Joel H. Wiens Stadium. It was Tabor?s first victory on the new turf and fitting that Mr. Wiens was on hand to witness it at the venue that bears his name.

The Bluejays looked sharp in the first half and gave every reason to believe they are on the way to great things. I was surprised at the small crowd but I guess winning will cure that.

Well, we all know that already.

I checked the KU?score just before Tabor?s halftime and saw that my Jayhawks were behind 28-3, which didn?t give me much hope at the moment. Then I get a call from son Dan later in the afternoon who told me they had rallied and won 52-45 by scoring 35 points in the fourth quarter.

It is reported that coach Turner Gill told his team to get ready for the ?biggest comeback ever? after trailing 35-10 at halftime.

I saw where, if you have Fox Sports KC, they will be showing highlights of the comeback at midnight Wednesday and again at 1:30 p.m. Friday.

Then Saturday night was especially fun watching the Wildcats blow out Texas. I like the Wildcats? enthusiasm. Obviously, they came ready to play?not just to look respectable but to beat the tar out of the Longhorns. It has been great to watch Texas this year.

And Hillsboro?s Lucas Hamm got one carry for five yards late in the game with Wade Weibert helping him up after the tackle.

The Chiefs? game with the Raiders could have been a win, but the Chiefs found a way to give it away. I still like the way they play and don?t count them out.


Malvin Schmidt helps at the Free Press with our inserting operation. He was telling us about an incident that happened while he and wife Darlene were in Oklahoma visiting their daughter.

They were ready to check out at a department store when Malvin asked Darlene if they should write a check or use the bale money. The clerk looked at him cross-eyed thinking he meant bail money. The daughter quickly chimed in that they were farmers and had sold some hay bales.


Nancy told me I already knew what I am about to write, but I cannot remember.

Recently, I stayed in the car while she went into a store to look around. I can?t just sit there, so I thought I would look up in the owner?s manual how to change the clock since daylight saving time was about to end.

Then I read there are buttons and rocker switches on the steering wheel that control the radio, tape player and CD player. I had no clue those were there, but it is extremely handy now after owning the car for about four years already.

For fun I kept bumping up the volume when we drove off until it got too loud to talk, but as usual couldn?t keep from laughing about it.


If you are interested in watching a few of the Tabor football victories, including Bethel and Southwestern, they are available on demand on the Free Press Web site. Go to ?Breaking News? section and you will find it. There is archived video of Tabor volleyball and women?s and men?s basketball as well.

If you have trouble finding it, send me an e-mail and I will reply with a link.

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