A great place to get prints

If you need color prints in a hurry, and need competent assistance in mak?ing them, then I have a place to recommend.

I was need?ing a few prints for an upcoming birthday celebration, so I cropped my photos, tweaked them the way I wanted them, put the images on a jump drive and then walked across the street to Baker Bros. Print?ing.

They have a machine in the front lobby that makes color prints on genuine Kodak paper. Tammy walked me through the process and in a couple of minutes I had my finished prints. Mine were 4×6 and I believe they can also make 5×7 as well. The price couldn?t be beat for the convenience. No shipping, either.


I hope it was clear in my column last week that the information about the HHS All-school Reunion was for next year?s event in 2016.


I appreciate all of the comments I get from people who read my column and have had similar experiences that I have had. There is something about shared experiences that makes the trials and travails more manageable at times.


During our home bathroom remodel, our upright vacuum cleaner wasn?t sucking up the way I thought it should. Upon closer examination, I saw that the hose that leads to the bag inside was kinked up permanently, crimping the flow.

So I thought: As it was close to the entry point to the back of the unit, I could just cut off the bad part and reattach the hose. Taking it apart was easy, but putting it back together after slicing off the bad piece wasn?t.

There is a ?C? ring that needs to go back over one of the fittings; it was practically impossible to get back on the tubular end of the hose that keeps it from falling out.

I tried unsuccessfully quite a few times to get that ring back in its proper place. Finally, I just got it over the tube and then forced it down into the groove with a screwdriver and hammer.

The sweeper works great now, except the bag was full and I couldn?t find a replacement at home. So I went downtown and got one at the hardware store.


If my mom was still living she would have turned 100 years old this past Saturday. That explains why I am that age I am.


It was fun going on our south delivery route a few weeks ago. We stopped in the Flint Hills Market and Bakery in Florence and picked up some very tasty baked goods for the trip home for our staff meeting the next day.

If you haven?t yet been there, I would recommend checking it out. It?s a beautiful building and has a very nice feel to it.


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