A first for Bluejay baseball

The Tabor Blue?jay base?ball team made history last week by securing a first trip to the NAIA College baseball world series in Lewiston, Idaho, beginning Friday. This is a big deal and we congratulate them on their success.

If it wasn?t so far, and didn?t conflict with the All-School Reunion May 24, I would be tempted to go.


Time magazine just released a story regarding Facebook that isn?t good news for businesses that think using that service is the new and end-all way to advertise their businesses for free.

This links to the article: http://time.com/34025/the-free-marketing-gravy-train-is-over-on-facebook/

According to the article, studies show that only about 6 percent of folks who have liked a business site actually see the posts, and it is headed to as low as 1 or 2 percent?that is, unless you are willing to pay to boost the post.

The Free Press was actually the first to offer free articles and photos about people you care about?and didn?t need the Internet to view the information.

Plus, we don?t cut availability as almost 100 percent receive it every week and our audit shows that more than 80 percent of those who receive our paper read it regularly.

What is on our pages never goes away, isn?t affected by the electricity being off or a battery going dead.


It took us a few days to notice, but the chimes and music coming from the tower at Tabor College have suddenly stopped.

We started to rely on the chimes to wake us up in the morning, but lately had to rely on the old alarm clock. I checked with a few key people at the college, and it is working again.


This year?s graduating seniors at Tabor might be the toughest ever. By braving the cold weather for the president?s reception in the park Friday evening, and the cool commencement exercises Saturday morning, they will have something to talk about for the rest of their lives.

When I walked at the track Saturday morning, Tabor staff were drying the dew off of the chairs with a leaf blower. Good thinking, I must say.


Here is something not many people probably think about here, but it?s a great website that actually draws people to Hillsboro.

We have been told that a mother-daughter team from England traversing the United States from east to west actually came to Hillsboro because they had found Little Pleasures Coffeehouse website when they were researching their route.


I?m sure glad the Hills?boro Farmer?s Market is back in operation. Makes fixing supper on Thursday so much easier for me. And the new venue is really nice with all of the space and parking.

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