A detour into the Flint Hills

We were in Kansas City last Wednes?day and the roundabout construction is still causing a detour.

Coming back, I thought I would take a shortcut through the Flint Hills just north of Elmdale. I remembered doing this a few years ago when K-150 was under construction. But memory has a way a fading and I took the wrong road. I kept thinking that the road needed to bear more westwardly, but instead it was bearing more northerly.

Once you get far enough into the trip it is beyond the point of return. So I?kept going. Nancy checked her GPS and it appeared we were headed for Burdick, which ends up at U.S. Highway?77 but not until you are probably 30 miles out of your way.

The scenery is beautiful, I must say, with lots of native stone houses and many grass-covered hills?or even small mountains that would be great for tobogganing. But I don?t know anybody out there, so I will have to find other hills for winter fun.


We had lunch at Five Guys Burgers and Fries while in Kansas City.

I noticed there were only three guys when we ordered and asked the guy at the register where were the other two guys. He told me that on this day there were three guys and two gals.

I understand they also have that burger chain in Atlanta, which is something we might check out when we are down there again.

It isn?t all that cheap to eat there, but I thought it was very good.


We went to the ?The Music Man? at the high school auditorium Friday night and saw firsthand how talented our students are?and at such a young age, too.

I had never seen it before and it was a great show. From the singing to the sets to the performances, it was top-notch all the way.


Sometimes you just don?t ask questions, at least dumb ones. I am sure no one else has ever done this.

You ask a question without thinking, like is ?The Music Man? a musical?


One of the songs in the show was ?Till There Was You,? which I immediately recognized as a Beatles tune.

The Beatles picked up this tune shortly after it was written by Meredith Will?son. They performed it on the Ed Sullivan Show on Feb. 9, 1964.


eBooks have trended downward lately and printed books are on the rise.

In my view, the printed book is just much nicer to have and it also smells better?as if you can smell or touch an eBook. Plus, you can?t stack up a bunch of eBooks on a chair to sit taller either.


Tabor Bluejay football accomplished something that is really hard to do, which was to go through the KCAC?undefeated.

I?m looking forward to the first playoff game, which is at Joel H. Wiens Stadium Saturday. Hoping the opponent, Doane, is missing an ?a? from its name when it?s over.

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