A bowl for the winless?

I have been trying to find other Division I schools beside KU that have been winless this past football season. I finally checked the league standings and found that the University of Cen?tral Florida also was 0-12.

Where I am going with this? I think they should have a bowl game for the winless teams. too. It would be easy to pair them up, and it would give those teams at least one more chance to win a game.

All of these bowl games are about money anyway, so wouldn?t it make sense for the programs that are way down in the dumps to earn some money for the cause and give them additional practice time to become better for the next season?


This ice storm we had last week was about as bad as any I can remember.

I am feeling quite smart right now for hiring Dutton Tree Service to come and trim all of the big trees in our yard this past spring. Only one limb came down, and it took me a minute or two to clean it up.


I was sitting in the house the day the ice started to melt and listened as it hit the roof. What a sound that was. Some of it sounded like it was coming through. I wonder if it is classified like hail and does damage to the roof?


I wrote last week that I drove our car until the fuel indicator showed there were seven miles to empty but didn?t say how much our tank held and how much gas I put in.

I think the tank holds 17 gallons and I put in 16.5.

That is quite a bit of liquid?if you were planning to drink it. So I?d say it wasn?t even close. OK, it was quite close if the car makes 23 miles to the gallon and there was a half gallon left.

If I drove seven more miles it would have had just about two-thirds of a half-gallon left?or a third of a gallon?when it indicated zero miles to empty. It?s always best to keep the tank full in winter anyway.


If you remember the line about Captain Billy?s Whiz Bang in the ?Music Man? put on by the high school recently, I have something to tell you.

I went on Amazon and ordered a copy of a book that has a lot of the content about the ?Music Man? in it. This was all written in 1921-22 and is definitely a different kind of humor than we know today. I?m not sure if I can get through all of it in a short time.


The Mennonite community lost one of its top historians in the passing of Paul Toews in Fresno, Calif., on Nov. 27. He died of cancer.

I have worked with Paul on numerous book projects about Mennonite Russian history for the Center of Mennonite Brethren Studies located in Fresno.

Paul had a very sharp mind and paid close attention to detail with all of his projects. I had him for a student teacher at Hillsboro High while he was at Tabor College in the early ?60s.


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