A better use for ad money

I have an idea how to pay down the national debt. All it would take is to shift the money going for all of the political TV ads nationwide that are insulting our intelligence. For me, that would include every single one of them.

If the spots that are currently running ad nauseum actually cause folks to vote for the candidates, who may or may not be running them, then I think we must all be idiots.


I think there should be a box on the ballot that lets one vote for ?none of the above? to send the message that we (I) don?t appreciate all the mudslinging ads they are running.

Such a waste of money.


I usually record a couple of football games each Saturday, but never end up watching them all of the way through.

For one thing, it takes too long to watch them, and for another, by the time I get around to watching, I already know what has happened. In fact, I don?t even try to be surprised anymore by the outcome.

Usually I peek on a website to see how my teams are doing and that takes care of it.


My source for KU is son Dan, who usually texts me about how things are going and I really don?t need to know anything more.


Publisher Joey and I made a quick trip to Des Moines for the Midwest Free Community Papers fall conference this past weekend.

Since he had never been to one before, I wanted to introduce him to my colleagues in Iowa to learn how the free-paper people look at the publishing business.

I believe it was a worthwhile trip and we have some useful information for when we need it.


Had Joey been a big KU fan, I would have suggested that we attend ?Late Night in the Phog? on the way home, but didn?t. For one thing, I didn?t think we could get in, and two, it would have been very late getting home. It was late enough as it was.

Turns out only about 14,000 showed up this year because the Royals were playing head to head with ?Late Night.?


Deadlines scare the devil out of most people, but our crew at the Free Press and Kansas Publishing Ventures thrive on them.

Procrastination is usually not in our vocabulary. I should say it can?t be in our vocabulary.


A phenomenon that we see at this time of year is the geese that fly in formation high overhead on their way to winter grounds.

You will notice they fly in a big ?V,? which I think breaks the wind resistance and makes it easier to go long distances.

I have always wondered why one leg of the ?V? is longer than the other. A wise man told me: there are more geese on that side.

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