140 years in a family business

It?s a rare thing in these parts when a business celebrates 140 years of continuous operation and in the same location which I think is even more noteworthy. Look no further than Case and Son Insurance in Marion. That business has been on Marion?s main street since 1868 and is in its fifth generation of the Case family.

We congratulate the Case?s and their employees for this remarkable achievement.

  • Here is a word of caution to anyone who eats while watching TV and likes to have the remote handy at the same time.

    We were having spaghetti while I was watching the NFL playoffs and I came really close to using the remote for a breadstick to push some noodles onto my fork.

  • While in Texas recently I went out to dinner at the Texas Land and Cattle Co. with friend Bob. I thought it would be a sin not to have a steak while in cattle county but they were all so big. The regular cuts were 12 and 16 ouncers.

    Then I noticed there was the ?Cowgirl? which was 8 ounces so I ordered that and asked the waiter if that would be all right.

    He said sure. Guys do it all the time. Then a server walks up with the plates and belts out loudly: ?Who had the Cowgirl??

  • Home remedies are always interesting to me. When I was little I remember having a concoction of hot lemonade with honey in it for a cough.

    Recently I heard that you put Vicks Vapo Rub on your feet and wear socks to cure a cough. Somehow it absorbs through the skin and finds its way to the right place.

  • Never have we had an ex-president campaigning for a family member to reoccupy the White House. Never have I ever been so completely turned off.
  • In my opinion, Washington is so broken that no one can fix it. We will be stuck with the status quo regardless of who is elected this fall.

    The longer any public ?servant? has been there the more irresponsible they have become.

    At a time when the country is bankrupt Congress sees no problem with increasing its pay. It is automatic. An entitlement.

    Social security, medicare, future entitlements and on and on are headed for disaster and nothing is being done to fix it.

    Now President Bush and the Congress want to give us money that the government doesn?t have just to some of us. Whose money is it that they think they are giving to us? Governments don?t have any money other than what they take from us in taxes or borrow when there is a shortfall. It is money that we have to pay back down the road and the price is quite steep.

    If I need money I?ll go borrow it or earn it some way or do without, thank you.

  • The government bailout may not be what it appears to be. The money the U.S. currently does not have and needs comes from China and foreign governments and investors. Then we will take the rebate and buy goods that come from China and multi national companies. How does that help us? I hope someone can explain it to me.
  • I was reading about earmarks which the Democrats promised to fix this time around. It didn?t happen and Bush went along with the earmarks again. As Bob Dole used to say. ?Where?s the outrage.? To learn about where the earmarks went go to earmarkwatch.org.
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