‘Out on Bond’ process is crazy

This week I was greatly saddened to hear that a person who could have killed my father and another driver on the road who went on to seriously hurt a member of his own family and ran from the police, was released hours later on bond. I would like to raise awareness of why someone with multiple charges as violent and serious as these, and is a repeat offender, should be released only hours later with bond being set at only $7,500.

Did you know a person can be released from jail with only 10% of the bond money being paid? With $750 this man walked free, hours later back out into our community. Is this protecting our community, and this family, who is fearing for their safety? Why does someone with repeat offenses still get to drive a vehicle, which was basically made into a 90 mile per hour quarter ton weapon?

I ask if you see or suspect abuse, neglect or someone driving all over the road to please contact the authorities. Don’t just thank your lucky stars that the truck that was going 90 miles per hour and just swerved around you and in and out of the ditch didn’t hit you. If you feel you are being “kind” by “letting it go” and “not wanting them to get in trouble,” “minding your own business,” who and what are you protecting? Don’t wait a day, a week, or a month. I myself have waited, and I will have to live with that choice and its effects the rest of my life. If you sense something isn’t right, please contact the authorities.

I would also like to thank the second driver, whose own life was also put in danger, also made the right decision to call 911. This driver also went above and beyond to help the police find the reckless driver in addition to making the call. I am greatly thankful for the Hillsboro police force, led by Dan Kinning and our Marion County sheriff’s department. They have a heart for this community and would gladly take a call to make this community a safer place.

Please invest in the future of our community, especially by placing children and innocent first by taking a stand, and doing what isn’t easy, but what is right. Let’s also hold our governing leaders accountable for keeping us safe and not being swayed by outside influence to make the tough but right decisions.


Staci Silhan

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