Pilot test to eliminate sewer odors now shows progress

Hillsboro City Administrator Larry paine reported last Wednesday that a pilot test using cutting-edge technology to reduce odors at the city?s new wastewater lagoons is now showing encouraging results.

The project was described in the Aug. 18 issue of the Free Press.

The experimental equipment creates ozone from the air and injects it into the sewer line to increase the levels of dissolved oxygen, which turns odor-producing anaerobic bacteria into odor-eating aerobic bacteria.

Last week the dissolved oxygen reading improved from an initial reading of 0.4 milligrams per liter to a reading of 1.76 per liter on Wednesday. A ?good reading? is 2.0 milligrams or higher, Paine said.

?What we did was recalculate the amount of ozone needed for both the incoming flow and the water in the wet well,? Paine said. ?Once that was adjusted, the (dissolved oxygen) was expected to rise. The reading today shows that it is.?

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