Kids respond: ?My mom?s best because…?

With Mother?s Day nearing, six Hillsboro businesses challenged students at Hillsboro Elementary School to complete the following sentence: ?My mom is the best because….?

The top five entries were selected and votes were cast at the participating businesses: Nancy?s Fashions, Molly?s on Main, Massage Therapy Associates, Designer Images, A Cut Above and Woods Wellness.

The first entry is this year?s winner. The next four are the runners-up, in no particular order. The winning writer will receive gifts from the participating busineses. They appear here as they were written.

* * *

n Katie Evans, second grade (first place): I was not born in mommy?s tummy, but I was born in her heart. She loves me a lot. At night she rubs my feet. When my legs hurt she comes to sleep with me. She makes me supper and tucks me in at night. She brings me to school every day. She helps me decide what to wear. When I was littler she helped me tie my shoes. She buys presents and I love her a lot.

* * *

n Ava Weisbeck, first grade: She loves me. She cares for me. She takes care of me when I am sick. She works very, very hard to keep us happy and to make sure we are taken care of and are safe. She is an extremely lovign and caring mother. My sister and I both appreciate her dearly. She is beautiful. She always makes sure we stay in line. She?s carfty and a good artist. She?s a great cook!

* * *

n Jorge Hanschu, second grade:

My mom is pretty

My mom is sweet

My mom is good at cooking mashed potatos

My mom loves me

My mom?s a good person

She always does the right thing

My mom takes care of us

My mom works hard…

to love me.

* * *

n Anna Glanzer, fourth grade: My mom is the best, she is honest and fair, considerite and helpful. She is always looking out for me, and I know she will always love me. She gives me medicene when im sick, and when im sad she cheers me up. When I can?t get to sleep, she helps me sleep. She always is respectful to me and my brother and always is responsible for my family. I know that I will never ever be able to mesure how much she loves me. I know she?s the best mom in the world because of this, so I will love her as much as she loves me.

* * *

n Kyle Unruh, fourth grade: My mom is the best because she always helps me when I need it. My mom is awesome because she will always teach me new things, when I was a baby she taught me how to walk and talk. I also think my mom is the best because she has many talents. Her talents include playing piano, reading books, taking care of me and my family, cooking, and lots more! I am SO astonished by what my mom can do. She keeps up with a job; she takes care of my family, and always can have time to do her hobbies. My mom gives generously all the time to her family! She always has a huge grin on her face! I like how my mom will just sit down with me and read a fabulous book! One great thing that no one can do is that she can stay calm! Something that is really special between us is that we both love to just sit down and talk. I think my mom rocks because she has so many interests. She makes jewelry, reads, plays piano, cooks, plants flowers, and most important, I think she loves to be with her kids. If I were to choose who in my family does the best job of taking care of everything, I would choose my mother! I think the reason for Mother?s Day is to cherish how good mothers are and to help others realize how important mothers are to them. I think about how it would be if I didn?t have a mother. It would be dreadful because my mom does everything that I need, when I need it. I am thankful everyday that I can have a mother who cares so much about me and my family.

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