On the topic of hate

Okay, let’s talk about hate.

I hate broccoli.

I hate this dress.

I hate cats.

I hate that show.

I hate that song.

I hate racism.

I hate prejudice.

I hate her.

I hate him.

I hate young people.

I hate old people.

I hate taxes.

I hate rich people.

I hate poor people.

I hate liberals.

I hate conservatives.

I hate white men.

I hate women.

I hate politicians.

I hate cops.

I hate Muslims.

I hate Christians.

I hate the president.

It is all about me, what I think.

It is not about you, unless you hate the same things I do…

Then we share the same view. Hate has become the foundation, upon which the interaction and discussions on everything and everyone perceived to be wrong around us is based. Hate has become self righteous, arrogant, and divisive. Hate has separated this country, families, and friends, into special interests Created by fear and anger. Hate is ugly, and shows. Hate is personal; a feeling of wrongness done by other people or situations, drawing the hatred to the surface, spewing it out with harsh words or actions, and poisoning the air as it flows out into the wind. Hate can be stated clearly Or more importantly, just understood, justified by acceptance, and encouraged by agreement.

Hate is turning America into a country beset by doubt. Hate is realigning the meaning of who we are, what we believe, how we came to be, how we interact with each other, and how we go forward into Tomorrow.

But maybe the most important consequence of hate is what happens to the heart and soul and mind of haters. The heart hardens, the soul may wither, and the mind will become closed, closed to the true possibilities of America. Hate brings no progress, builds no cities, creates no music, solves no problems, and destroys communications of the spirit. What may be wrong cannot be made right with hate, cannot bridge any differences, and remains blind to our similarities. When we harden our hearts, wither our souls, close our minds, and kill our spirit, there is nothing left except the dust of our existence, soon, like all great civilizations, destroyed from within.

Eveline Bartel