On a mission to bring back announcements

It is always an interesting thing for this introvert to put my soul out in writing every week and then get feedback from both people I know and random strangers. Some of it doesn’t phase me in the slightest such as commission pieces or city council. Unless I have made a mistake—which actually bothers me more than anything because I HATE making mistakes especially so publicly—I’m fully aware that what people think or feel about what I wrote about the commission or city council meeting has zero to do with me or my worth as a person. I unbiasedly wrote about what was said or done by other people in a meeting. Cut and dry; easy.

Columns are much harder but people have generally been so amazing and kind. In the end, anything negative said to me is far outweighed by the positive words of affirmation. Same with the feature stories. Nothing touches my heart like interviewing someone and connecting with them and their story, writing it up, sharing it and then hearing from others how much they loved it. I want to say I don’t care what you all think, but I really do. The therapist and I are working on that, but for now it gives me warm fuzzies to hear how much you love the heartwarming stories you read on the front page.

But I have to say how much it surprises me to learn that the piece I recently wrote has gotten me the most feedback. My child’s engagement announcement.

First, let me give you some backstory. I almost forgot to put it in. But then I remembered to and got it all written up. And I had a conversation with my work bestie Shelley about how no one puts in engagement, wedding or birth announcements anymore. I think because of social media we just forget. We decided that we have to bring them back and we are on a mission to do so!

There is something so magical about the newspaper and print. I’m obviously partial to it because of my job. But I was before I started here. I always look at the local paper when I travel. And I will take the actual book over an electronic copy any day…the paper photograph over seeing it on my phone, etc. Seeing an announcement of someone you know or being the person in the announcement and cutting it out for your scrapbook is just so cool.

And I know I am not the only nosey person who likes to read all the things! I want to know who is marrying who and where. Give me all those details!! I may not be friends with the couple on social media, but I did overhear at Rhubarb Market that they were getting married so I really need all the details now. And if I can find out from my local paper? Yes, please!

So I put the announcement in and I am on a mission to start a trend. Getting married this summer? Having a baby? Put it in the paper. The announcement is free and a picture is only $10. That is a bargain to gain community wide attention and to satisfy everyone’s curiosity.

Okay, so back to the feedback. Holy moly! People loved it. I have heard from so many people about how much they miss seeing announcements about young people. The ladies at the bank loved it and are very excited for Sarah and Justin as are many people at Rhubarb Market. I also spoke with many others, both people I know and people I met because they recognized my last name…from the announcement. I even had a few people email me and realize we had places in common since they saw that my mom lives in Florissant, CO and my soon-to-be new son is from Cimarron. And Sarah got comments, too. And we shared it with family members far away and they loved it. It was honestly a lot of fun. I highly recommend it. In fact, this week or next (depending on space), you will find Iris and Caleb’s announcement so you can check out all of their details and let them know your thoughts.

Want some more cool facts about my daughter’s announcement? Her mom (me!) put it in while working for the Free Press and her dad was working for the Free Press when her parents’ engagement announcement ran. I guess you could say we are a Free Press kind of family. But I love the fact that Sarah is the second generation to have her engagement announcement run in it. Think about how many of you could have more than one generation run announcements, too!

Okay I’ll stop. There is a reason I don’t work in sales. But I really do think we need to bring back the announcements so please think about getting in your announcements of any kind. We have forms you can fill out or just get me the details and I can write it up. Announcements are free (the general ones; if you want something particular, that is more of an ad but we can do that, too) and pics are $10. You can call it in, bring it in, mail, email or submit it online. However you need to do it, make sure you preserve your little bit of history and share it with your community. It really is cool to hear what everyone has to say about it.

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