Now she is mine, for sure

I didn?t have to ask my wife if she would ?Be Mine? on Valentine?s Day since she broke her arm?she is mine 24/7 now. I didn?t know doing laundry was so complicated. I thought you just threw it in the washer and hit the on button.

Cooking has been pretty easy since a lot of good food from some very nice people has already come our way. It has been a heating up process for the most part. I did grill some burgers that I thought could be for several meals but after the third time I will be finishing them off myself.


X-rays show the bones are lined up straight but not quite together and there is quite a bit of bone to fill in as there is more than one break. Most broken bones heal in about six weeks. We are told we are looking at eight to 10. May isn?t that far away, is it?


With the passing of Coach Dean Smith of North Carolina, I was thinking about Brian Stucky?s book, ?Hallowed Hardwoods,? which has a two-page spread on Smith in the Topeka High School gymnasium a few years back. He was in town for an award and Brian was lucky enough to catch him in Topeka for an interview.

I believe the book is now out of print, after two printings, but you can ask to see mine if you are interested in reading it.


We generally watch KU basketball games on delay. Sometimes I check the score online to know if I should relax or gnash my teeth. Saturday I didn?t look ahead and had the feeling it would turn out OK, which it did.


It is always fun to meet with the Hillsboro Middle School yearbook club and this year was no exception.

The exercise for the day last Friday was to come up with the cover art for the book.

They had all agreed on the theme and what elements the cover would have for art. Then the students were instructed to come up with their own idea in whatever program they were comfortable working with.

Some of them were using Web-based programs I had never heard of and were able to come with some amazing looks. The trick was being able to save them in a format that would work with our software. Once every idea is submitted, the winner will be chosen.


This is definitely not the winter to be living in Boston. I saw there was so much snow that trucks with heating elements were being brought in to melt the snow to make room for more white fluffy stuff that was yet to come.


Here?s a quote I like: ?When I was young and foolish I hated Helvetica almost as bad as Futura. Now I?have?come to realize that Helvetica is like a ball peen hammer. You can?t beat it for the right use.? ?Loyd Ford, editor and publisher of The Lake News in Calvert City, Ky.

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