Mayor gives updates on downtown

He is risen. He is risen indeed. Alleluia! The reason for our Easter celebration.

We are close to completing half of the downtown improvement project. The south side of Main Street is almost complete with new sidewalks and crosswalks.

The project is on schedule even with a couple of setbacks. Please help remind your friends, neighbors, customers, family and children to avoid the construction areas that are blocked off with the barricades, orange cones and yellow construction tape.

Please be on the alert while driving in this construction area for pedestrians trying to find their way to our Main Street businesses. U-turns and J-turns are still illegal in this area.

We have prohibited the U-turn at First Street due to the construction. Please remember traffic fines are doubled in work zones.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated while we complete our project for the safety of our contract workers, city staff, and business customers.

The south 3rd Street and Main Street intersection will be closed this week to allow for the new crosswalk to be installed along with a major street repair in the same area.

We apologize for any inconvenience. Please follow the detour signs to navigate you through the area. If all goes well, the intersection will be reopened next week.

New streetlights will be installed on the south side of the street in the next couple of weeks.

Contract crews may be in your neighborhood surveying for the new waterline project.

Please leave any flags or markers in your yard for at least a week once they have been placed. After this time they may be removed so you may tend to your yard work.

Please cooperative with the crew if they request that the flags or markers be left in longer to accommodate their work.

The city is studying the current weekly, curbside recycling program.

Participation in the curbside program has been declining in the city.

We do not necessarily believe that overall recycling in the city has declined but more so the method of delivery to the transfer station.

We appreciate the county placing their recycling bins at various locations in the city and a dedicated recycling bin at the transfer station for afterhours drop off.

These recycling options were not available by the county when the city started curbside pickup.

We are supportive of recycling. We encourage business-minded individuals to consider the possibilities of what could be done to process some of those recyclables locally and then to remarket the products locally or regionally.

The county will be in a transition in handling trash and recyclables while they complete the construction and repairs of the transfer station.

We will keep you informed of any temporary and long-term plans. We do not expect recycling to disappear in the city or county.

We do expect the methods to collect recyclables will change and has changed.

We plan to adjust to those changes to reflect efficiencies in collections and costs.

The two topics mentioned above, among many others, impact the vision for how we see Marion in the future, near-term and long-term.

The future of our community and county relies not only on elected leaders but on those who chose to develop businesses and opportunities for job creation.

The foundation and future success of our community relies on the creation and expansion of private businesses. Our vision as public leaders is to help create, support and attract the opportunity for business growth and expansion while efficiently, thoughtfully and economically providing for those infrastructure items that no business or individual can do for themselves.

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