It was a weekend of bests and worsts for Marion Mayor

In the past few days, I’ve had the opportunity to witness the best and the worst of our current situations in society. Like many, my thoughts and focus can be drawn quickly to the negative and the exceptions losing sight of all the positive and constant good that surrounds us. Then it absolutely dawned on me, that’s the one choice we each get to make every day, every hour, every minute and every relationship interaction.

Before I get to what really matters, I won’t leave you hanging on the best and worst… the best was the Labor Day weekend with family and friends enjoying the community and the wonderful events. The worst, staying up all night watching the confirmation proceedings in Washington.

I challenge myself to stay focused on what really matters and celebrates the success of our communities and I ask you to join me in choosing the thought pattern of “What’s possible rather than what’s probable.”

Let’s celebrate

The Marion Fire Dept, Sheriff’s Dept, and Emergency Management Dept have been working systematically to improve the ISO ratings for community. So, what that really means is that their cooperative efforts have resulted in newer firefighting capabilities, improved communications, and increased efficiencies to deliver a safer environment for all of our residents and business owners. This should have a favorable impact on the property insurance rates and possible reductions in property taxes from savings pass through opportunities.

The water departments in Hillsboro & Marion in cooperation with the Corp of Army Engineers are working with SUEZ, an international water quality company to become one of the United States pilot sites for a system that controls blue-green algae. The results in initial test sites have achieved up to a 90% reduction in algae formation. This will have significant positive impacts for the water treatment operations in the county which are both publicly owned and operated.

Our water teams are working jointly on long term cooperative efforts to secure quality water resources for future generations.

The efforts and accomplishments of Marion County Circles, Marion County Foodbank & Resource Center, and Ministerial Alliance in serving over 500 individuals through the transitional situations that life can through at us all from time to time. We are excited to welcome our two newest Pastors to the Ministerial Alliance and the City of Marion. Rev. Martin Holler and Rev. Darren Frazier.

The cooperative efforts of Sheriff Craft, Chief Mermis, and Asst. Chief Hiebert helped to assure the start of tremendous new school year in USD 408, as well as all of the districts in the county providing safety & security training to empower our educators with skills and confidence to protect our greatest assets, our future leaders. We received tremendous compliments for the ALICE training.

And let’s not only celebrate, put participate in the upcoming community events in the next few weeks. Marion’s 40th Art in the Park and Hillsboro’s Craft Fair on September 15th, followed by the 107th Old Settlers Days on September 29th.

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