Elections matter and have consequences

Before the title scares you away from reading this article, I promise you this isn’t another politician asking or telling you how to vote and why. I recently heard a great quote from Mayor Tom Brown of McPherson. “The difference between a politician and a statesman is that a Politician makes decisions based on the next election, the Statesman makes decisions based on the next generations.”

The founding fathers of our great nation created a framework for governance “Of the people, By the People and for the People”. One of the key foundational requirements for success in this representative form of republic was that the electorate is required to be informed and educated.

As we approach the Election on November 6th, let’s all take time to seek the answers about the candidates and the issues that we will before us. I’m asking myself about the candidate’s position on the key issues “Do we align on the majority of issues that I’m not willing to compromise my position and believes on? “ I hope you’ll utilize the candidate position guides available on line to determine if the candidate you are voting for meets your expectations.

In our local election, the ballot question is “Shall the Board of Marion County Commissioners change the number of County Commission Districts from three (3) County Commission Districts to five (5) County Commission Districts? Yes or No”.

I encourage every voter in the county to consider if the following questions have been answered to your satisfaction prior to casting your vote:

What are the new district boundaries?

What is the representation ratio between urban and rural communities?

Was this initiative planned and budgeted?

What is the cost of this initiative to the taxpayers?

When will the change be effective if passed?

What is the benefit to me as a property owner in Marion County?

With recent events in our community regarding lack of proper stewardship of your taxpayers’ funds, please don’t let these events dissuade you from exercising your vote or supporting public/private partnerships aimed at the betterment of our community and economy.

I personally believe the sharing of private public/partnership information is critical to the to the sustainability and growth of our rural communities and the businesses who choose to support a unique way of life that impacts generationally.

Let’s choose to focus on the positives that come from these well managed public/private partnerships:

The business receives word of mouth advertising, client confidence in knowing their business is community minded and forward thinking since they engage directly with local entrepreneurial support agencies. (Governmental or Non-Profit)

These agencies benefit in the marketing of their services and expertise without the added expense to the citizens. This transparency serves to motivate other businesses and to seek out for qualified support from professionals that have lived their challenges.

Our community benefits from a better understanding and visibility to their tax investments through the results achieved. These partnerships serve to inspire the next generations that the “American Dream” is still alive.

I ask all Marion County Citizens to continue to do the right things for the right reasons and let our actions support the “Statesman” mentality in our elected officials and community organizations.

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