Many reasons

? Christmas has a way of enabling us to rise above our normal selves.

Love it or dread it, we all need Christmas. For many, the season is an opportunity to be renewed by the spiritual significance of its origin and be humbled by the depth of God?s love and sacrifice for fallen humanity. For those who reject that notion, it provides motivation to gather with family and friends and rekindle the connection with the ones who love?and refresh our memory of why we barely tolerate the others.

Some people get sick of the commercialism during this season, and for good reason. We are material girls and boys. But one person?s commercialism is another person?s livelihood. We all need to earn a living, don?t we? And don?t we benefit somehow from the discipline of thinking carefully from time to time about how our money might bring joy to someone other than ourselves? What?s more, giving to people who actually have real material needs is an intoxicating experience you won?t get from any bottle.

There are many ?reasons for the season.? Embrace one or more of them in the days we have left. It?s an opportunity to rise above our normal selves. ?DR

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