We’re in need of a (diaper) change

Change: to make the form, nature or content of something different.

Reform: to change to a better state or form; to improve by alteration.

Do these words sound familiar? If not, you?ve been successful at ignoring the slew of presidential advertisements flooding the airwaves. To catch you up, ?change? is to Barack Obama?s campaign as ?reform? is to John McCain?s.

* * *

I guess I will have to vote in line with the change campaign, as I change at least 10 per day… diapers that is.

On the other hand, maybe McCain?s plan of reformation is a better choice, as my husband and I just ?reformed? our kitchen floor. And it?s definitely in a better state.

* * *

After the election, it will be easy for either candidate to successfully implement their slogans. All they need to do is have a baby or redecorate the White House.

* * *

In politics, words are just words. It is important for voters to examine the actions of the candidates when the TelePrompTers and cameras aren?t rolling.

* * *

In columns, words are just words. The following rhetoric details some changes that are (subjectively) important.

Several months ago, I made a (stink-less) change that was life-altering. I made a purchase from diapers.com. Tired of running low on diapers, running to the store and purchasing a small package to ?tied me over? and running back to the store days later to purchase another small package of diapers, I ran across an ad for the Web site.

As a first-time buyer, I got a $10 discount, plus free express shipping. Two days after ordering, more than 400 diapers showed up on my front steps, no running required.

To receive the same discount (and have an extra $10 to spend elsewhere), enter the code MALI9700 when ordering.

* * *

Another renovation?or change if you will?is the hole in our kitchen cabinets. The vacated drawer space will be replaced by my first dishwasher (as opposed to dish washer).

* * *

I come from a family of dish washers. My parents don?t have a dishwasher, so my sister and I took turns washing dishes for a family of six. My dad?s infamous joke was, ?We don?t need a dishwasher because we already have three.?

* * *

My daughter, now 6 months old, has changed immensely since those first days after her birth. She now sits without support, reaches for anything she sees, and in turn puts all successfully grasped objects in her mouth.

She is also close to crawling. For a couple weeks, she has been scooting in circles after her toys. Recently, however, she has begun to lift her belly off the floor while bending her knees.

Because people assume she is half her age because of her petite frame, I am looking forward to seeing astonished expressions when people think they are watching a 3-month-old crawl.

* * *

I have now used the word ?change? 10 times in this article. That should be enough to get elected (and spending about $1 billion on the campaign can?t hurt, either).

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