Pregnant belly brings out the strangest things in folks, including the mom

What is it about a pregnant belly that invites friends, family and even strangers to touch, comment to or otherwise harass the mother-to-be?

I am now in my 31st week of pregnancy (around the seventh month for those who keep track that way) and apparently I?m not big enough to satisfy on-lookers.

When asked my due date, the immediate reaction is a ?knowing? look and a comment to the effect of, ?you?re just so small.?

Thank you.

I guess that?s better than ?you look like you?re about ready to pop.?

* * *

My sister-in-law?s wedding is at the end of February, and I still need to find something to wear.

Even though maternity clothes have come a long way from when my mom was expecting (i.e. oversized flannel), I am still having trouble determining that perfect outfit.

For one, who knows what size I will be tomorrow let alone three weeks from now. I like to be prepared in advance, so waiting until the week of the wedding isn?t an option.

What if the store racks are empty, or even worse, all the dresses make me look like a tent?

I also have a problem with spending hard-earned income on a dress I will wear once (although I did that about four years ago with a certain white gown…).

This dilemma doesn?t apply simply to my wedding attire situation, but to maternity wardrobes as a whole.

It?s necessary to have bigger clothes, but spending about $40 on each new pair of jeans, buying some new shirts and other garments adds up fast.

And for what, maybe four months of wear?

Luckily a number of my friends are now, or were recently, pregnant, so tubs of gently used wares have been known to make house-swaps.

* * *

Has anyone else noticed a baby boom of sorts hitting the area?

Everywhere I look it seems there are infants or big bellies.

In my church alone (Ebenfeld MB) there were at least 15 babies born in 2007, and a least three more now being expected in 2008.

I guess we took it as our personal mission to answer God?s call to ?go forth and populate the earth.?

* * *

I?m having trouble fighting the temptation to check my online baby registries. I?m torn between the anticipation of surprise and the overwhelming urge to know?now.

* * *

So far, the best part of pregnancy has been the backaches.


Those aches and pains have, from day one, helped me remember that yes, this event is real.

It?s amazing that my body was designed to have nine months of preparation?all to make the end result easier. Because of the natural prepara-? tion, all I have to do is mentally prepare for what I imagine will be the most glorious (and painful!) experience of my life.

I?m glad to do it.

I have been awed by this baby since my 10-week sonogram. Just an inch long, I could clearly see tiny arms and legs flapping around?a dancing lima bean. A baby?s perfect design and growth doesn?t happen by accident.

I realized that day that I had witnessed a miracle?and that I witness miracles every day in the people I work with, the people on the street, my family and friends.

Even now, as I am constantly kicked from the inside, out, I am reminded of the magnitude of this realization.

Miracles are alive and well?just look around.


Malinda Just writes news and features for the Hillsbhoro Free Press.

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