Beyond the block: ideas in sight

I have writer?s block. It doesn?t happen often, but when it does, disaster obviously ensues. For the past two weeks, this column has been at the back of my mind. I?ve been observant, trying to find the perfect topic to write about, but to no avail.

At first I tried writing about sleep deprivation. For nearly two months, my daughter went from sleeping six- or seven-hour stretches to getting up every one to three hours. And she wanted to eat every time.

After doing some online research, I discovered a book called ?The Wonder Weeks: How to Turn Your Baby?s 8 Great Fussy Phases into Magical Leaps Forward.? The book says that every baby (EVERY BABY) experiences fussy periods when big developmental changes occur.

The older babies get, the more complex the changes become, so the fussy periods can last from one to six weeks. My daughter pushed her most recent fussy period all the way to the six-week mark.

But, just about a week ago, she started sleeping long stretches again. So I didn?t feel like writing a whole column about the importance of sleep, for fear that she would somehow understand and once again forget how to sleep just to spite me.

I also thought I could write about my first year at the Free Press. It?s hard to believe that a year has already passed since editor Don Ratzlaff first called me about an editorial position. It has been a privilege to work for such an outstanding organization.

And while I get all gushy about how thankful I am for my opportunities, I?m not sure I could think of 700 or so words to describe my joy without consulting (several) thesauruses. But since I?m desperate?blessed, delighted, ecstatic, exuberant, happy, glad, gleeful?.

It crossed my mind that I could write about my excitement for the upcoming weekend. I love the Arts & Crafts Fair. Even though I rarely come home with more than one or two purchases, I enjoy walking through the booths and admiring the hard work and dedication it takes to be a crafter.

Plus, my mom comes every year and we get to spend the whole day together. It doesn?t get better than that.

While shopping, we?ll be sure to stop by a booth new to the fair this year. Good friends (and local crafters) Amy and Jeremy Jordan will have a booth this year. I can?t wait to see where all their hard work will take them.

I?m also in search of a puzzle. But not just any puzzle. I want to buy a wooden ?name? puzzle with each of the letters of my daughter?s name. I have one with my name, and my goal is to find one for Gracelyn as well. My guess is that I will have to special order it, but as long as I receive it by Christmas, that?s OK.

The fair is also great for the city of Hillsboro. But we all know that, so I guess I don?t need to rehash how important outside dollars are to our community. I just invite you (even if you don?t enjoy arts and crafts) to be supportive of a great event that is an asset to the city.

Back to my writer?s block.

By the time the weekend rolled around and I still hadn?t written my column, I was getting a little worried.

It even got to the point that I was hoping (almost) that my daughter would do something entertaining at a wedding we went to on Saturday.

But, other than dropping her pacifier a few times, she was good as gold.

The wedding was beautiful, and the bride (one of my best friends from high school?yes, Smoky Valley) was radiant.

It was also fun to catch up with all the people from my past.

And now it?s time to wrap-up this farce of a column.

Back to my thesaurus to describe how my readers are feeling now that the end is in sight?delighted, ecstatic, exuberant, happy, glad, gleeful….

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