Letters November 5, 2014

Why not allow same-sex marriage

Same-sex marriage has been a big topic. However, it never hit home until now. Kansas is in a big argument on whether to allow it, or not.

There are 32 states that support same-sex marriage, including Utah and Oklahoma, fellow states in the 10th district. Utah and Oklahoma, two strong red states support same-sex marriage, why can?t we?

Right now in Kansas same-sex marriage is illegal; however, 4,009 same-sex couples are living in Kansas. Why can?t we just make it legal?

In 2005, people voted to put a ban for gay marriage in the Kansas Constitution. Seventy percent of Kansans statewide approved for this law to pass. With that being said, Kansans opinions have made almost a 360. Today over 50 percent of people support gay marriage. This is a huge step forward.

With so many same-sex couples living in Kansas and over half of the population in support of gay marriage, I think it is about time that Kansas accepts the fact that the world is changing. That marriage is not just between a man and a woman.

Sarah Booth


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